Wherever you go…there you are. The only common denominator in your life – through wildly happy, fortunate, healthy, robustly alive – or terribly sad, poor, sick, and lethargic times – is you. You are there through it, interacting with it all, and dare I say…tilting the tables in very specific directions with your thoughts and words – not to mention your actions. One of my sisters and me used to have a joke: “It’s all about you!” I have come to realize that it is no joke…it actually IS all about you, because you are with you at all times. (And it IS all about me, because I am with me at all times – for better or worse.) Everything starts at home, with Self. It’s all an inside job – and there’s no ‘there’ there if you’re not present to yourself.

It may seem obvious that ‘wherever you go…there you are’, yet it means so much more than ‘location, location, location’. It’s about what we do and how we are present to and interact with our own power and potential, whether we are mindful and conscious vs. mindlessly unconscious as we traipse through this precious, limited, finite life.

What have you done this month to claim and wield your power and potential?