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If you are looking to expand your practice, there is no better way to connect and contract with extraordinary Practitioners than through Trailhead Health.

Offering more treatment and care options to your residents and patients is your goal and helping you achieve that successfully is ours!

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Qualified & Certified Practitioners you will love

  • Background Check completed & certified
  • Local Professionals for part time contracting
  • Qualified & excited to work with You
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Not Sure Which Services are Best for Your Residents?

  • Free Detailed Consultations Pkg.
  • Help understanding demand
  • Pilot program discounts
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Fully Digital Recruiting, Bidding, Invoicing and Payment!

  • Convenient and easy
  • Automated Time Sheet Management
  • Not only economical, but Profitable

Hire with Confidence & Expand and Grow your Business!

Differentiate your clinic/practice with More to Offer your Residents or Patients Onsite! Stay on top of the growing demand for Holistic Integrative Care Therapies and manage your institution and the needs of its residents/patients successfully!

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