Calling all Holistic and Integrative Schools

You do what you do because you understand the importance of holistic health and its value in our society. The work you, your faculty and your students do every day is very important to the Trailhead Health Community.

We invite you to join the Trailhead Health platform and talk about the work you, your teachers and students are doing within the community.

  • Our consumers have questions and you have the answers - Share your knowledge and inspire others to follow the path of holistic health.
  • A good school is the heart a society – Whatever your specialty, teach people about it, promote best practices and help grow value and awareness of the work you feel so strongly about.
  • Support your network - Ensure the success of your new graduates by providing them a platform to connect with consumers even before they start their practice. Always stay connected with your Alumini and be proud of the work they are doing!

Our Vision:

Share your passion, your knowledge, and your skills with The World and help people heal.


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Keep doing what you do best… on a larger platform online… and with a BIGGER AUDIENCE!

Share your knowledge to educate and engage our audience through your own dedicated Bio Page (Stories, Q&A, Testimonials and Endorsement, All about you and your specialty, Your specials etc…).

Promote and Manage Events, Specials and Classes online, with full digital and automated registration and payment system.

Our community and consumers are genuinely interested in holistic health. Allow eager consumers and future students to message you, learn from you and make that very personal connection.

Let your graduates know they never practice alone. Build a strong national and international network of alumini and graduates - Collaborate with peers and always keep an eye on and support your graduates.

Expand your school, by contracting with local healthcare institutions and clinics looking for more training through Trailhead Health. Continuing education is key to long term success of any clinical practice, if you have programs that can help practitioners in their practice, we want you to share those programs and help our practitioners become even better at what they do!

Track patient/client progress and share your favorite case studies and consumer stories and truly make a difference everyday in the society!

Be the school that makes a difference in someone’s Healthcare Journey!

Open book with plant coming out of it

Create an Online presence that will have an Impact

Knowledge is the cornerstone to anyone’s healthcare journey. As a school, you have tremendous knowledge that eager consumers, doctors and practitioners are actively seeking. Showcase your practice and foster a connection with new potential students who think of you first, when they want to learn.
Young woman at university

Grow and Expand your Presence

By joining forces with your alumni and graduates and collaborating and working with healthcare institutions, grow and expand your network and your presence, solidifying your long-term impact and presence in holistic and Integrative Care.
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Lead by Example and Leave a Legacy

When your peers and consumers love the work you do and talk about it, you’re positioned to impact healthcare policy and leave a legacy; paving the road for future practitioners and helping bridge the gaps in our current healthcare model.

Be amongst the founding members in our Holistic Health Community and be remembered forever for your efforts.

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