Integrative Care Clinic (ICCs) and Integrative Care MDs & Practitioners

Trailhead Health believes that ICCs are the new benchmark of how medicine should be practiced. Integrative Care Clinics are bringing the advances of Modern Medicine and wisdom of traditional and Natural therapies under one roof for their patients.

Modern Medicine + Natural Therapies = Best Approach

By stepping beyond the boundaries of a single healing philosophy type, ICCs are able to offer patients the best that any healing modality has to offer and allow for Personalized Care!

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Trend in Integrated Care

According to NCCIH, greater than 20% of all US hospitals and over 40% of hospices offer Integrative Care. The trend is especially high in Medical specialties related to Pain, Stress, Rehabilitation, Orthopedic issues, Pediatric and Baby Care, Obesity management, etc.
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Is this a New Concept?

No! While not a new concept, ICCs are quickly becoming consumer’s favorite clinics today. According to NCCIH, An increasing number of consumers (38%) are seeking more holistic therapies and exploring treatments modalities beyond Western Medicine and more and more MDs are not just settling for just one form of medicine.
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What can a patient expect at an ICC?

One-Stop for all your HealthCare options!

  • MDs (Medical Doctor) plus Practitioners working together
  • Patients access the largest pool of treatment/care options
  • All treatments will be individualized based on patient preference and need

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Be the one that makes a difference in someone’s Healthcare Journey!

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