Sometimes we go around living, the best we can, ‘doing life’ through efforting and following the course that our parents or society says is ‘the way’, and feeling like it is all up to us. We get along, and perhaps even make a difference in the world, with a little bit of help from our friends. Life is busy, sometimes quite challenging, and we work hard to make things happen or to try to help make everything alright. A lot of things feel okay, yet many times, things are truly rough. Then, the unimaginable tragedy comes; a love or limb or life is lost forever. The world we knew will never be the same again, and we may not see how to even survive this change. We shout at the heavens “Why me?!”, or curse fate, or pray for strength – and don’t even necessarily believe anyone hears us. At some point, sooner or later, we begin to see a sacred pattern. The signs begin to form, appear, and clarify. they show us that all is truly well in the world.

There’s been no mistake. There is a plan, a perfection, a sacred order to it all. We are both the thread and weaver of the perfect tapestry – the creation and creator – in a symbiotic dance with every other droplet of the divine. We are guided to share in a diverse, messy, often confusing – yet rich and dynamic existence. It is during the most painful times of letting go and transformation that we need to see and often grasp the enormity of the miracles we have within and around us – the impossible coincidences that come together – so we can make some sense of the world and our dynamic part within it.

We may begin to see through softer eyes of trust, the beauty of each moment, morning’s sunrise, every connection and even of the bittersweet release of people and things we never thought we’d have – and then hoped we’d never have to be without. Through it all, we can develop a greater sense of appreciation for the gifts, gratitude for experiences and connections, and maintain greater peace in the temporary nature of all. The part of us that can never be harmed or destroyed – higher self, soul or spirit – begins to smile and dance in celebration of loves loved, lives lived, and the guiding light showing us the way.

How are you dancing and celebrating today?