Dear Friends,

Everything starts from yes! As the days grow longer and we navigate a year filled with pure potential, it’s a great time to reflect compassionately upon the state of your well-being. Do you recognize the evidence of your progress towards your goals for health and happiness in recent months? Is there also evidence of setbacks or perhaps some resistance to success? If this review prompts harsh feelings or self-judgment, it would likely serve you well to re-frame that response. For instance, what would you say in order to help, encourage and support one of your dearest friends going through a similar situation to your own? You can be that friend by encouraging yourself with patience and compassion which make all the difference in the world. Beginning anew from a place of acceptance and worthiness, we are in a better position to say “Yes, and…”

Throughout life, we all have times that feel down or even dark. Sometimes we judge ourselves as weak, lazy, ineffective or lost when our energy doesn’t meet the demands of our lives. It may not even occur to us that we NEED A REST. These lower times present an excellent opportunity to give yourself a ‘pass’. Tune in and ask what you truly need now. Is it warmth, sunshine, comfort, practices that promote your better peace of mind, connection to others, someone to witness your process, fresh air, reassurance, music, laughter or a quiet space? I’d love to hear from you. What have you done this month to truly care for you?

Rising Up

Many of the things that uplift our spirits are very simple. We need to pay attention to our longings, and do our best to nourish and nurture ourselves along the way. Rest, take baths with bath salts or essential oils, eat good foods, give yourself a hand or foot massage, do some qigong, yoga, chanting or prayer. Drink more water, and get outside in nature as often as you can, even if it’s only for brief periods of time.

You can eat off of the good dishes, listen to your favorite music, and make a list of what uplifts your spirit most. Using just one thing (at a time), we find our way back to that which helps us to feel good, better, and best! It helps to trust that the sun will shine again, and pay attention to nature’s cycles. Each year, season, month, day, hour, even each of us is cyclical. Call and ask for what you need from trusted support people; friends, family or church members, a counselor, teacher or spiritual guide.

Have you considered reflective writing?  Sometimes I write out exactly what I’m feeling & thinking: dark, scared, lonely aspects in life that are wanting to be heard/seen. Once it is all there on paper (yes, paper!, but of course you can e-journal) and I feel ‘spent’ – like it’s all there in the open, I can then continue on to write the thoughts and feelings I wish to have. I’m excited to be offering a Writing to Heal Workshop Series starting February 11th in Eagan, Minnesota!

Haiku is one of my favored forms of writing because of its structure and the discipline and creativity required to create it. As a youngster, I wrote Haiku about nature and love. These days I write Haiku about what I’m experiencing now, and allow it to lead me into exploring my positive vision for where I am aiming in my life; to more peace, acceptance, beauty, connection, love, gratitude and vibrant aliveness!

The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on increases. I have seen this work in so many ways in my life that I could write three books about it!  It is a vital point to pay attention to on any healing journey, in business, relationships and life. What do you want to get better at this year? Place your positive focus there consistently and you’ll see results!