As we go through each day, accomplishing tasks, flowing through routines, facing challenges and choosing how to spend precious time and energy, we have the option to make an important investment in ourselves and our highest good.  Time spent listening, being still and receptive. Time to let go of TO DO lists, others, technological wonder gadgets. Time to connect with the higher self, blue sky mind, intuition, inner healer, great teacher, the cosmos or divine; whatever you call the enormously powerful energy that enlivens and nourishes us in every moment of our lives – even when we fail to pay attention to it.

When we spend a few minutes (or hours) each day in stillness and silence – especially while in nature, we gain a stronger awareness of the aliveness that we are, the optimal direction to aim for, the value of (and joy in) simple presence, and a myriad of gifts, including improved intuition, spontaneous arising of solutions to problems, and a deepening of peace and equanimity.  Even ten minutes of stillness, silence, and awareness of self, aliveness and surroundings can change the course of your day, week, or year!

If you haven’t yet given it a try, please do…and let me know what you notice.  If you’re already doing this regularly, please let me know how you benefit from your practices.  Send an email or write a post on the Wonder Horse ‘Positively Healing’ Facebook page.  We want to hear from you!