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Healing Support offered in person, in multiple locations across the Twin Cities area. My clients also love working with me by phone appointment, from the comfort of their own home!

Distance Healing Support

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Dedicated time spent clearing energy blockages to promote self healing! Your session time is determined by Wonder Horse, so no discussion is needed. Simply state your Name, Age, City and top three priorities or concerns for arranging this service.

Empowering Conversations- with Healing Energy!

  • Assistance, support and language/intention fine-tuning
  • Aid and resources for healing journey process and progress
  • Mentoring SFQ students and energy healers one-to-one
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Companion Animal Healing

Energetic healing support for pets and working animals
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As a passionate animal lover, I've had the privilege to work with many animals that are struggling and in need of support and healing.

Energy Healing Instruction

  • Interactive Healing & Empowerment Presentations
  • Qigong Energy Healing Tutoring for Individuals
  • Qigong Healing Workshops
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My Instructional Experiences have been in many settings and every group size from large group presentations to a customized one-on-one tutoring. If you have a group that desires instruction, Wonder Horse can come to you! I have provided instruction by invitation, in Minnesota, Indiana, Canada and Spain. Where would you like your next class?

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