Happy Summer to You!

So many possibilities arise when the weather is balmy and the days are long. It seems like ages since the spring healing retreat at Crow Wing Crest Lodge, where the weather was perfect and there were many wonderful clients to serve well. Since then, I’ve enjoyed lots of walking, summer travel, gazing at the Milky Way, great friends and foods, finding amethysts in Thunder Bay, hearing Michael Monroe perform in his log cabin, and playing on the shores of Lake Superior.  What adventures have you been enjoying? Are you getting outdoors, communing with nature, connecting with loved ones, moving your body, enjoying the sun and stars?  I hope so, and I’d love to hear from you!

I especially enjoy spiritual practices – meditation, qigong and yoga movements out in nature, especially in, on, or near a body of water. We can learn so much about yin energy from water, which has yin or feminine characteristics. It always flows to the lowest places and has no ego. It gently nurtures life and supports the growth of others, helping them reach their full potential. While it may appear passive, it makes major changes in the landscape over time. 

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The Children are Listening

A friend recently mentioned that she asked her husband to be mindful of his influence over their children when they are in the car. She said something like: “The children are listening to us, so let them hear us say positive, hopeful things.”  I applaud her for wanting to ensure that – no matter what the parents are dealing with – their children are influenced in a positive way. I love and appreciate mindful, intentional parenting, and living!

     ‘The children are listening’ relates to my theory that the cells in our body are just like our children. They are constantly changing and need nourishment, care, support and protection to navigate the world in a good way. They benefit from patience, appreciation and encouragement. A sore arm which suffered a repetitive stress or other injury needs loving care and support. Unfortunately, I hear many people say things about their sore arms that sound very disheartening; things like: “This stupid arm.”  or “My bad arm.”. The cells of the body are listening to and attuning to the vibration of our thoughts, words, and environment. Every time we say a message about our body or its parts, every cell tunes in and does its best to comply with our thoughts and words. With disparaging thoughts and comments, the arm gets ‘stupider’ or more ‘bad’ – similar to when kids misbehave more when judged harshly, name-called, or yelled at. Emotions, too, could be considered our children. They don’t always ‘behave’, yet we need to love and encourage them…bring them gently along. 

     Let’s pay more attention to what we truly need and the messages we send, as if the cells in our body were our children learning how to make their way in the world. What if we said kind, appreciative things about what they do for us…how they carry us through life, how many amazing things, people, sights, sounds and experiences they enable us to have? What if instead of ‘my bad arm’, it was ‘My arm needs healing support.’…and it got a pep talk?  Then, instead of making any part of ourselves bad or wrong, we’d be able to give added care and appreciation for our areas of challenge or concern. The world would be a better place if we’d be more kind and patient with ourselves, as our bodies try their very best to come and stay in balance. We have the power to support or squelch their efforts. Choose support. Choose kindness. Choose love. We all need it – especially the children!