Dear Friends,

Life is happening all around and through us.  Yes!  And…are you in touch with the vibrant aliveness that is YOU? Are you perceiving signs of awakening, growth and change in and around you? Can you see buds on trees and plants emerging from the ground? Hearing the birds sing? What else are you noticing?

After a very snowy winter, I’m thrilled to see the evidence of it melting away with sunny days and powerful moon phases. I look forward to being outdoors much more – without a shovel in hand! I’m excited to make positive changes, grow into and through challenges, and awaken to greater power and humility. There’s always a choice in how we carry ourselves. What are you choosing this season?

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I’ve heard that our tens of thousands of thoughts are similar from day to day. I invite you to shake up the usual with some variety!  If you’re usually looking for the ways that clouds make your day worse, explore their value and purpose. If people are often irritating to your sensibilities, just for one day, look for positive things you can pick out about them. If you find chores (or anything you feel you must do) a nuisance or a bore, try shaking it up – disrupt the usual pattern.  Do the hardest part first if you usually start with the easy, or vice versa.  Sing aloud as you work, listen to music or an audiobook, or invite a friend to lend a hand with your project. Use affirmations such as ‘I know I love it when this work is complete!’, divide it into smaller chunks, and uplift your spirits with something you truly enjoy during brief breaks. There’s always a way! 

In any situation you may encounter, you may (or may not) notice that there are many, many choices available to you. As we perceive situations, people and factors within them – even the world itself – we can explore by asking questions, like: ‘How can I enjoy this?’, ‘What am I learning?’, or ‘What if there’s actually nothing wrong here?’,  ‘What’s the best thing about where I am right now?’, ‘What if this is happening for me rather than to me?’. We don’t always have to believe that when things are confusing or seem bad, that they actually are. We can choose to believe that every situation and our choices around them can serve us mightily. We can see and feel ourselves get stronger, wiser, more resilient and with practice, more loving – no matter what. It’s really up to each of us to choose.