As a Reiki practitioner I try not to get angry, I try not to worry, I am mindful of the work that is mine to do, and I try to stay in a place of gratitude, kindness and compassion.  But I am not always successful. In fact, I probably move away from one or more of these principles, and enter an ego-based dialogue with myself, every single day. It is in this self-awareness that I have found the greatest gifts, but I have also learned that this awareness can be a great challenge.
There is a moment, once one has embarked upon a spiritual journey, when we realize that we have crossed an invisible threshold, a definitive line that separates who we were then, and who we are now.  It is that moment when we embrace our ability to co-create with Source, and we accept responsibility for our current conditions, rejoicing in the freedom to change and expand as we create more abundance and joy.  We are excited to practice our new-found abilities to manifest, looking forward to where the journey will take us. 

But the spiritual journey of self-discovery can be arduous and painful.  Despite the commitment to meet the world each day with compassion and respect, sometimes things make us angry, or we worry when we cannot see the outcome.  And then, when we become aware that we are prone to judgement, we judge ourselves for judging. This cycle will continue until we begin to accept ourselves.  Acknowledge our flaws. Break past our limitations. When we notice that we have strayed from the path of kindness, send a prayer of good wishes. If we realize that our minds have entered the abyss of what ifs, we remind ourselves of all the good in our lives.  

It is only in embracing the journey, that the path will become wider and our world will expand.  When our world expands, we see more opportunities to step into the flow of life. The journey becomes a quest of exploration, and that is where the adventure begins.