Simply put, a Reiki Master is a highly trained and attuned Reiki practitioner.  But becoming a Reiki Master is much more than reaching the highest level of training in the practice of Reiki healing.  With the privilege comes great responsibility.  And ultimately the journey becomes an adventure in self-discovery and spiritual enhancement. 

Technically, a Reiki Master has a full toolbox of symbols and kotodamas.  The kotodamas are the names of the symbols that can be used as mantras during a Reiki session.  A Reiki Master also learns several techniques of self-purification and self-growth.  These exercises, along with the symbols and kotodamas, promote a more meaningful practice by allowing the Reiki Master to experience deeper, more profound energy transmission.  And it is within this deeper experience that the real transformation occurs. 

Because the self-enhancement exercises are a large part of a Reiki Master’s practice, the Reiki energy is more powerful and potent, resulting in greater outcomes for the client.  Small miracles will begin to happen on a frequent basis, to which the Reiki Master bears witness.  And these small miracles form the foundation of a beautiful spiritual journey. 

While a Reiki Master will undoubtedly have a positive and profound impact on the lives of those they touch with their practice, the real change takes place within the Reiki Master.  Walking a kinder, gentler path becomes a way of life, and exemplifying the principles of Love, Compassion and Truth sets the example for those that are seeking to see a change in the world.  As Reiki Masters we take on the challenges and responsibilities of living within the framework of the five Reiki precepts.

  1. Just for today, I will not anger.
  2. Just for today, I will not worry.
  3. Just for today, I will do the work that is mine to do.
  4. Just for today, I will live in a place of gratitude.
  5. Just for today, I will Love and Respect all. 

We are spiritual beings, but we are having a human experience.  And as such, living by these principles is not always easy.  Will we continue to experience anger?  Yes, we will.  Will worry occasionally rear its ugly head in our lives?  Most definitely.  Will we struggle with discerning the best course of action to take?  Undoubtedly.  Will we remain in a place of gratitude one hundred percent of the time?  No, we will not.  Can we Love and Respect all every day?  Not possible.

As a Reiki Master, we can practice these principles daily.  And when we find ourselves slipping back into old patterns of thinking, we can promptly, and without judgement, bring ourselves back into the present, reminding ourselves that these principles are ideals to strive toward.  Most importantly, we can be the example of change, ushering in a more loving and compassionate world.  As Reiki Masters we become Light Leaders, taking on the responsibilities of modeling the five Reiki precepts, and living our lives accordingly.  It is a journey that becomes an adventure.  And the adventure is worthy of each and every step upon the path.