We have all experienced grief in one form or another.  Grief is what we feel when we experience a loss.  Sometimes we grieve over the loss of a job, a relationship, or the death of a loved one.  Unlike other types of negative emotions, grief settles in the heart.  Whereas we feel anxiety in the pit of the stomach, tension in the form of a headache, or anger in the core, grief hits us in the heart.   Initially the heart feels the piercing pain of loss, and eventually settles into a heavy, dull ache.

The experience of grieving is different for each person.  There is no blueprint on how to walk through the experience.  There is no right way to grieve, nor is there a time schedule by which to grieve.  Reiki works with the individual, allowing the grieving person to spend time in a deep state of relaxation, connecting with the inner self.  Because one cannot get too much Reiki, it honors the grieving time for the individual.
Acute grief impacts the heart chakra.  The heart chakra governs the surrounding physical organs, including the lungs.  Frequently, when one has suffered a tremendous loss and is grieving, the physical result is the onset of a respiratory infection, which can lead to pneumonia.  Reiki sessions will keep the heart chakra vibrating and reduce the risk of lung infection.   

Grieving requires us to move in and through it.  It takes time to learn how to move in a world that is missing something important.  There is no way to move through it without moving in it.  Reiki creates a safe space for each person to deal with the loss, eventually moving through to the other side. 

Grieving is an individual experience; it is a solitary path back to joy.  Reiki can help pave the way by providing a means to cope with the loss and help the body stay healthy during the grieving process.