While speaking with a personal trainer the other day she commented that the mind will allow the body to push a little harder, that when the body wants to give up, the mind will tell it to go just a little further.  I was reminded that the mind is stronger than the body.  This conversation started me thinking about the benefits of Reiki for athletes. 

Reiki can assist the athlete both physically and mentally.  We all have both a physical body and an energy body.  The physical body is made up of the physical systems that we can see, touch, feel.  It includes the skeletal system – the foundation or framework of the physical body, the muscular and tissue systems – includes the organs, ligaments and tendons, and the fluid systems – the blood and lymph.  The energy body includes the aura – our energy shield surrounding our physical bodies, the chakras – energy spheres that are located along the spine, and the meridians – the energy pathways throughout the body.  The energy body directly impacts and governs the physical body. 

Reiki works specifically and correctly with the energy body, supporting and strengthening the aura, chakras and meridians.  Once the body’s energy systems are unblocked and balanced, the impact on the physical body is profound and powerful.  The body will become strong, flexible and resilient.  The way it was naturally designed to be. 

Even more compelling than the effect of Reiki on the physical body is the impact of Reiki on the mind.  Reiki provides a place to enter a deep state of relaxation where one can connect with the inner self and increase mental strength.  All athletes know that performance is 20% physical ability and 80% mental acuity.  During a Reiki session, the athlete can focus on and visualize the best performance outcome.  And in addition to creating a mental picture of the best athletic outcome, Reiki will provide mental clarity, giving one the ability to maintain focus during an athletic event.  During a Reiki session, the receiver is given the opportunity to simply be present – in the moment.  Therefore, Reiki will help the athlete to stay in the moment during crucial times when training, playing or competing. 

Finally, mental strength is not just about self-belief, or the ability to push your body to its limits each training day, it includes making the right decisions at the right time.  When one connects with the inner self during Reiki sessions, one will begin to intuitively know and understand what the body needs in terms of nutrition, rest, and play.  One can begin to listen to what the physical body needs and the connection between body, mind and spirit becomes complete.