We are all entitled to be happy and to live the life of our dreams.  It is our birthright.  The problem is that we are taught from the very beginning of our lives that life is a struggle, you work hard and then you die.  

Many of us walk through our entire lives without ever experiencing the true joy that comes from fulfilling our life’s purpose, never really knowing the delight of how it feels to be truly prosperous and abundant.  Because prosperity and abundance have nothing to do with how much money one has.  True abundance is about having a life that brings you joy.  It is a life that is rich in loving relationships, a vocation that you are passionate about, and excellent health in body, mind and spirit.  When your health, your work and your relationships are all in alignment, you will naturally experience financial freedom and flow.  

How do we find our purpose in this life, the gifts that we have to give to the world?  We start by coming into center with our divine self.  We are all divine souls, having a human experience, and as such we have access to the center of our divine self.  We reach this center by being quiet.  No phones, tv, radio, nothing to distract.  And then we sit and listen to our longings.  We ask ourselves what brings us joy?  What kind of life would we love to live?  And we listen to our inner voice.  

Once we know what we long for, we can begin to visualize what our dream life looks like.  We begin to build the blueprint for the rest of our lives.  What does that life look like, feel like, smell like?  We use our imagination and dare to dream in big, bold, beautiful colors, textures, and scents.  

Reiki provides a place to be quiet.  A place to connect with our inner longings.  Because Reiki provides a sense of deep relaxation, we can dare to vision.  Dare to dream in detail of a life that we would love to live.  Reiki offers a safe and supportive place to begin the discovery of your life’s purpose, that will lead to building the life of your dreams.