A diagnosis of cancer will send a patient reeling into the unknown.  How will I respond to cancer treatment?  How bad will I feel during the treatment?  Will I recover?  Reiki can help cancer patients by increasing comfort levels and enhancing healing.
Reiki is a non-invasive technique that has no side effects or complications, therefore, it can be used on cancer patients at any time after their diagnosis and at any stage of their treatment.

Reiki induces a state of deep relaxation and stress reduction that will support cancer patients in dealing with the anxiety of the future and the ultimate outcome.  The calming aspect of Reiki will provide the patient with a sense of peace that can help with focus and clarity in decision making regarding their treatment.  In addition, Reiki will restore the mental and emotional balance in the patient, providing them with emotional fortitude as they move through the treatment process.  

Reiki will support the patient’s medical treatment by working on the body’s energy systems, promoting conditions by which the body can begin to heal itself.  In addition, the American Cancer Society states that many cancer patients have reported that Reiki treatments have lessened the effects of nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy.  

Hospitals, chemotherapy rooms, and the dispassionate hustle of the medical facilities can be overwhelming to cancer patients.  Because Reiki sessions are given in a calm and safe setting, many patients find it beneficial right after the rush and clinical environment of the treatment center by restoring the patient’s overall sense of well-being.  

Although Reiki should never be used in place of medical cancer treatments, using it in conjunction with traditional medicine will increase comfort, ease the emotional turmoil, and improve the healing process.