Reiki Healing Session

Wellbeing on all levels - Physical, Emotional & Spiritual
  • Experience a deep state of relaxation
  • Experience a flow / balance of energy
  • 30 Minutes $50.00 OR Package of 3 $135
  • 45 Minutes $70.00 OR Package of 3 $190
  • 60 Minutes $90.00 OR Package of 3 $245
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Reiki healing is a light touch method of guiding healing energy from the Universe directly to the recipient. A Reiki practitioner acts as the conduit or channel, and then uses specific hand positions (gentle touch) to direct the flow of energy to concentrate on various areas of the client’s energetic body, which includes the aura, the chakras and the meridians.

Reiki Healing Packages

  • Getting Unstuck with Reiki ($400; 8 sessions/60 days)
  • Using Reiki to Improve Athletics ($600, 12 sessions/90 days)
  • Reiki for Children ($250, 30 days, Four 30 min sessions)
  • Reiki to Enhance Cancer Treatment ($245, 3 sessions 1/week)
  • Reiki for Grief Therapy ​($900, 60-90 minutes, Bi-weekly)
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In addition Cynthia offers a special "Dream Building with Reiki" program to select clients. (Intensive 90 day program, involving 6 one-hour Reiki sessions, 12 one-hour coaching sessions, 16 CD’s and a workbook to use for exercises and to track your progress)

Reiki Training

My goal is to find the healer in every family!
  • Reiki Level 1 ($150.00) 9-3 PM June 4th or July 16th 2017
  • Reiki Level 2 ($175.00) 9-3 PM June 18th or July 16th 2017
  • Reiki Level 3 ($300.00), contact Cynthia for dates
  • Reiki Master (1 year apprenticeship program)
  • Become the healer in your family today! I am here for you!
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Harness the power of Reiki by receiving advanced training in the art of healing and increasing energy flow. We offer three levels of Reiki training, as well as a Master Teacher class for those who wish to become Reiki teachers.

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