Have you ever had one of those days?  A day when nothing seems to flow, and everything, even the most simple, everyday tasks run into obstacles and problems.  Do you ever find yourself exclaiming in exasperation “Why is this happening?!?!”  Or, have you ever found yourself in the middle of a challenging week, month, or even a year?  When it seems that no matter what you do, nothing turns out the way you intended? 

We know that our thoughts influence and create our circumstances.  And we know that by living in a place of gratitude, compassion and kindness we will attract prosperity and abundance with ease.  But even when our lives are flowing in a harmonious rhythm with the Universe overall, we still can find ourselves in a cycle of small complications and hindrances that at the very least drive us crazy, and at worst lead to major problems. 

When we begin to feel our frustration rise and our patience dwindle, what can we do to turn the tide and get back into the highest energetic flow?  Get curious.   There is a reason that we are attracting negative conditions and situations.  Clearly our personal energy is off balance or stuck.  And getting curious regarding this imbalance is a way to clear the blocks and return to a place of high energetic vibration. 

Getting curious begins when we become aware that our lives have entered a place of inequity, followed by an honest evaluation of where our thoughts and beliefs have led us.  Are we feeling bitter or angry about something?  Are we spinning in a state of worry?  Are we experiencing an underlying sense of longing or discontent?  Sometimes it is simple to identify the source of our negative energy.  Other times, not so much.  The key is to stay curious, and then spend some quiet time with ourselves, listening to the still, small voice of the soul.  Maintaining our curiosity gives us an opportunity to get to know ourselves better. 

Frustration can help our self-development by providing occasions for increased understanding of our thoughts and beliefs.  Shifting from frustration to curiosity gives us a chance to evaluate them and if needed, change them to more closely align with our higher selves.  Rather than exclaiming "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!", take a moment and ask yourself, "Why is this happening?"