Story by Tim, Lisa and Rocko

This summer our dog, Rocko had a neck injury after being bit by a snapping turtle. We knew that just veterinary care and pain pills were not going to cure him and bring the bounce back to his step. So I began the search for an animal chiropractor who could bring help to an ailing dog who could no longer lift his head or shake it without yelping in pain. We found Dr. Jen and our lives have been blessed in such a positive way. First, she came to our home where Rocko was comfortable. She took time to get to know him and with the first adjustment we saw results, Rocko shook his head! With a few adjustments Rocko was doing awesome. Dr. Jen would barely get in the door and Rocko would greet her and sit on her lap waiting for his adjustment (and treats too)! We are so blessed that Dr. Jen took such great care of Rocko, he is back doing all his favorite things such as walking, ball chasing and riding in the boat. We owe a lot to Dr. Jen!

Thank you so very much!

- Tim, Lisa and Rocko

Response from Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT