Story by Mary Beth and Jeremy

Kali is our 5-year-old cat; she injured her hip one day when she managed to sneak out of the house. We are unsure what happened when she was outside, but when she came back inside she no longer wanted to jump or play. We brought her to our veterinarian, but she was unable to determine the extent of Kali’s hip injury because nothing showed up on routine tests or x-rays. Kali went through several months of rest, pain killers and muscle relaxers, but still refused to jump or play. Kali would walk around the house crying, because she couldn’t even climb her cat hut. Kali started receiving treatments from Dr. Jen. I wasn’t sure how Kali would do (we all know how unpredictable cats can be), but Kali seemed to know that Dr. Jen was there to make her feel better. It has taken some time and a few chiropractic adjustments, but Kali has fully recovered from her mystery hip injury.

Thank you Dr. Jen!

- Mary Beth and Jeremy

Response from Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT