Story by ​​S and L

Our 8 year-old pug, Lavi, went from loving walks to almost always needing to be carried during at least part of them. We assumed that she was just getting older and her body was slowing down a bit, and really didn't think too much about it. We met Dr. Jen the same day Lavi decided to jump out of her stroller and landed on her hip. Jen checked her out for us and realized that her back was out of alignment, so after our vet signed a form Dr. Jen came to our home and gave Lavi her first adjustment. Within the first day of treatment Lavi started to sit straight without leaning on one side. When we took her for a walk the next day she was full of pep and energy.

We are so happy for chiropractic care and Dr. Jen!

- ​​S and L

Response from Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT