Story by Connie R. Plymouth, MN

Link is my 14 year-old Border Collie. He had been slowing down and struggling with weakness of his hind legs. His vet put him on Rimadyl, which helped, maybe too much. Two days later he saw he was going for a walk and bolted down the stairs, but landed hard. After that he held his head crooked, would fall over when he tried to walk, couldn’t shake his head, had troubles using the stairs and troubles eating. His vet could see it was a spinal cord disruption and suspected a tumor, she even suggested euthanasia. I had heard of animal chiropractors and being a chiropractic patient myself, I knew I wanted to give him a chance to feel better. I found Dr. Jen and she came over the next morning!

After just one treatment he was able to walk without falling. He has now had four treatments and is having no troubles at all. Now I tell fellow animal lovers Link’s story every chance I get, so they will consider animal chiropractic if their pet has symptoms.

- Connie R. Plymouth, MN

Response from Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT