Animals have very similar spinal columns to humans, and they too can develop subluxations within in the spine. If these subluxations are left uncorrected, they could result in various symptoms, improper body function and eventual dis-ease in our beloved family pets. Chiropractic care is utilized as an appropriate treatment for such conditions as:

* Neck, back, leg and tail pain
* Muscle spasms, nerve problems
* Disc problems, joint problems
* Limping
* Injuries from slips and falls and accidents
* Jaw or TMJ problems or difficulty chewing
* Bowel, bladder or internal medicine disorders
* Maintenance of joint and spinal health
* Lack of coordination or weakness in limbs
* Abnormal gait (walk pattern)
* Hip problems
* Trouble rising from lying down or trouble sitting from standing
* Shaking or tremors in the limbs or body

In no way is animal chiropractic a replacement for traditional veterinarian care, it is a complementary therapy to ensure your pet has the most complete care available. In Minnesota, the law requires that a chiropractor obtain a referral from the animal’s veterinarian before providing services. We will help you in obtaining the referral from your veterinarian.