What can I expect with a Karmic Soul Session with Annette?

The best way to illustrate these sessions is to share a couple of stories with my past clients.


"Getting to the root of the problem. Understanding what pattern we created, when & how we created it and how to clear it. Once we are knowing, we are in the light and we know what to do! There is clarity and peace." - Annette Rugolo

A woman came to me once, distraught and unsure about a life changing decision in her life. She was at a crossroads and debating whether or not to divorce her husband. She had been married 12 years and they had one child together. We started the session and somewhere along the way I asked her a very difficult question. When I was doing the karmic work with her, I felt compelled to ask her if there had been an abortion or miscarriage in her life. She was surprised and shocked that I had asked, since she had not brought any of this up or was thinking of it. She acknowledged that when her husband and her had started dating, she got pregnant. She wasn’t ready to have a baby and without telling her husband, who was at the time her boyfriend, she decided to have an abortion. Later on she shared this with her husband, but instead of saying the word abortion, she told him it had been a miscarriage. So all along her husband had thought it was a miscarriage and she knew it was an abortion. Now, this was over 12 years ago, so she had buried this deep inside of her, but other things kept coming up, that created this communication gap and anxiety between them. What she thought were other reasons to divorce, turned out to be this karma that she had created between her and her husband…….

Often times, we create energies with our partners, our spouses, our children or parents. I can help you see when and where this karma or energy was created and also help you clear it.  Once cleared, the relationship has the opportunity to re-invent itself, go to the next level or you have the ability to move on to the next.

What can I expect with a Karmic Soul Session with Annette?

2ND EXAMPLE: Understand your journey and your life’s purpose. Know yourself so you can live a full life!

Do you know who you are vibrationally? Do you know what light you carry within you? Do you know what ray you are?

We are all vibrational beings and carry a certain vibration or light within us. When we are connected or aligned to our soul, we are in our light and it shows. Life flows with greater ease and clarity. When we are not connected or not aligned, we struggle and don’t fully understand our life’s purpose. We can feel like we are walking around in a fog. Do you know what your vibration is? Do you know which ray you are? Knowing which ray you are can help you understand your life’s purpose and to pursue it in a way that allows everything to manifest rapidly and beautifully.

I am always available for questions. I love empowering others and I am here to help you Master your life. You can reach me at  contact Annette Rugolo

A Karmic Soul Session with Annette, not only helps us clear our blocks, but also helps us know and understand who we are vibrationally, so we can pursue our purpose and live a full life. It allows us to live our life consciously from a place of knowing, which is beautiful and how it is meant to be! I work with the 24 colors and frequencies and after a session with me, you will not only know which vibration you are, you will also have tools to use after the session in your day to day life.

About Annette Rugolo:

Annette started teaching transformational seminars in 1999 and began her teaching career in 2002 with Marie Diamond, known for her role in the Global phenomena, The Secret. Annette became the first certified Master Instructor for the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing in the Marie Diamond Transformation School and has given Master classes to the students worldwide. With her experience of more than 15 years of Transformation, she has currently taught more than 1,000 students around the world and consulted and mentored people in more than 20 countries. We are thrilled to have Annette Rugolo join our team of educators helping people learn and understand themselves and their life's journey through the Inner Diamond Meditation Series. Annette welcomes questions and loves helping people. She is accepting new students at this time. To learn more about her please contact her at 612-605-8608