Question: Annette, can you explain how clients work with you? What are something you help them with?

Answer: We live in a universe filled with color. Each one of these colors that we have available to us has a quality. It has a characteristic. And once we begin to understand what these colors are here for and what they're here to help us to do, we can work with them, and they help us transform our lives. Some of this transformation can happen on an emotional level, a mental level or a spiritual level. So if it's on an emotional level, there might be some emotional pain, which they are holding on to, that's creating some physical illness. One of the things that I believe is only 10% of our physical ailments come from our body. 90% of our ailments, come from our emotional body, our mental body, our physical body. Then when it is in our spiritual body, this relates to karmic past lives.  One of the things, I love to help people release is karmic energy, a program, a pattern, that was created in past experience... It could be in this lifetime, could be in a past life, that is creating some imbalance, disconnect or block... That is creating illness and stopping them from healing. I have seen this with a lot of my clients.  By the time they come to me, they are just kind of at the end of their rope sometime. Sometimes, they have tried a few things, but they are ready to explore and go deeper into what is right for them. And this is where I like helping my clients. A big part of that is helping them connect with who they are. We all have an essence, we all have a vibration. We all have a higher self, a soul and we all have a purpose for being here. Many times, with a lot of my clients, they find themselves sick, because they are out of alignment with their essence. And that is the first thing; I help my clients do, is reconnect with their essence. Who are they beyond their physical body, the emotional body, their mental body. Who are they on a soul level? And once they start connecting with that vibration, an aligning with that, solutions show up, methods and tools they need, all of the help and support that is in the universe for them starts to shows up. And that's what I like to do with my clients. Help them expand beyond their current situation. So they can see, what else, exists for them, that they haven't been able to see.

About Annette Rugolo:

Annette started teaching transformational seminars in 1999 and began her teaching career in 2002 with Marie Diamond, known for her role in the Global phenomena, The Secret. Annette became the first certified Master Instructor for the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing in the Marie Diamond Transformation School and has given Master classes to the students worldwide. With her experience of more than 15 years of Transformation, she has currently taught more than 1,000 students around the world and consulted and mentored people in more than 20 countries. We are thrilled to have Annette Rugolo join our team of educators helping people learn and understand themselves and their life's journey through the Inner Diamond Meditation Series. Annette welcomes questions and loves helping people. She is accepting new students at this time. To learn more about her please contact her at 612-605-8608