Have you ever wondered why you're attracted to a particular color or why many nutritionists will say create a rainbow of food on your plate? Annette Rugolo, Master Instructor with Marie Diamond's Inner Diamond Meditation will explain why colors are important and how they can be integrated in our daily lives. 

Question for Annette: Welcome Annette. Thank you. Thank you for sitting with us today. A lot of people are fascinated with color and you have so much experience with it. Your course really works specifically in working with different frequencies in color. So let's jump right in. Tell the average person on the street who has no idea how to use color or what color really means, what is it that you do and how do you teach them? 

Annette's Response: So, first of all, I work with 24 frequencies of color. So these are aspects of universal energy. Every color, we describe it by color, but every color has a certain quality, a certain characteristic. Every color has a number, a frequency. So some people hear it, some people smell it. It has a smell. It has a name. So when I introduce people to these 24 frequencies of color, one way to use it is to really start looking at the
quality or the characteristic of a color and see what that color stands for. 

So these 24 frequencies of light create wholeness. There are 12 masculine frequencies. There are 12 feminine frequencies and in that combination of masculine-feminine, it creates a wholeness within ourselves and within the universe. So to start working with the color it's interesting because a lot of people I'm talking to, they're meditating, and these colors are already coming in. But they don't know what they mean, they don't know why they're coming in, but they're there. You meditate, you connect in with a higher vibrational field around you, and they're already there. So a lot of people are already starting to see them but they don't know what to do with them. So one of the things I tell people is go into, if you're meditating already asked what color do you need today and see what color your higher-self sends you. And if you go to my website then you can find out what these colors mean and hopefully, they'll be on this in this program as well. But you can look at it by the color.

So if a color comes in then you can look at the color and go, “Oh, here's the characteristic.” So for instance, if you're asking what color and yellow comes in, you can look at the color yellow in my color chart and go, “Oh, I'm needing some wisdom right now. I have to connect in with my inner wisdom.” If aqua comes in I'm asking for clarity right now. My soul needs clarity. So those are different ways to start doing that. The other thing I tell people is when you go shopping, what pops out at you? There's a rack of clothes and all of a sudden you're seeing this pink and there's everything is pink and it's like a color that pops. So it's something in you that's asking for that color or that vibration and trust that. And it's something that you need. So pink means tenderness. 

So it's a frequency that as you wear it, it covers you with that vibration or connects you deeper with that vibration, so you can be more in touch with what you're needing through the color that you're looking for. 

About Annette Rugolo:

Annette started teaching transformational seminars in 1999 and began her teaching career in 2002 with Marie Diamond, known for her role in the Global phenomena, The Secret. Annette became the first certified Master Instructor for the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing in the Marie Diamond Transformation School and has given Master classes to the students worldwide. With her experience of more than 15 years of Transformation, she has currently taught more than 1,000 students around the world and consulted and mentored people in more than 20 countries. We are thrilled to have Annette Rugolo join our team of educators helping people learn and understand themselves and their life's journey through the Inner Diamond Meditation Series. Annette welcomes questions and loves helping people. She is accepting new students at this time. To learn more about her please contact her at 612-605-8608