Soul Session With Annette

Connect with your Inner Light and transform your life
  • Connect & rise to your soul's vibration and your inner light
  • Clear old blocks & Karmic Patterns carried from past lives
  • Understand your soul connection with people around you
  • Expand and connect with higher states of being
  • Clear emotional and mental patterns and blocks
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The one hour session begins with a 10 minute phone conversation to talk about anything that may have surfaced and to establish a focus and intention for the session. As soon as you schedule a session, the energy that needs to be seen and cleared begins moving. It is important to pay attention to any strong emotions, thought patterns, insights or dreams, that surface in the days before the session.

Environment Healing Session

Raise the vibration of your home and your surroundings
  • Feel lighter and calmer (Feeling of expansion & inspiration)
  • Improve sleep and have more energy
  • Increase ability to manifest
  • Eliminate nightmares or night terrors
  • Understand and manage how your environment is affecting you
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Environmental Healing appointments can be done either in person or at a distance. Annette uses the technique dowsing to heal environments. The home, office or land is cured of the negative vibrations through this technique along with finding and enhancing the positive. When your home is healed, it will provide you and your family with a space that energetically supports all members of the family.

Inner Diamond Method (Created by Marie Diamond)

Master your life and create a positive impact in this world
  • Master your emotions and thoughts, Clear unwanted patterns
  • Master Laws of the Universe & Manifest with Lightning Speed
  • Learn about the Seven Mountains of Initiation
  • Resolve attachments and illusions and prepare you for you!
  • Receive activations to help you embody your light and life
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Annette teaches the Inner Diamond Method (created by Marie Diamond) and introduces you to the masculine and feminine frequencies of evolution and how they apply to universal transformational principles. Connect with the Light of your soul and the universe by activating and connecting with the 24 aspects of Quantum field. Learn powerful tools to master your life and live your life's purpose!

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