Story by Michele

Case: Michele, 34 year-old female
Chief Complaint: Infertility

"We had gone through several years of infertility treatments and had finally got pregnant with our first child through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) along with acupuncture. When we were ready to have our second child, we again attempted IVF, this time and the next without acupuncture. Both of these IVF cycles were unsuccessful. We decided we would give IVF one more try, but this time along with acupuncture. After some searching, I found Jennifer Winer and filled her in on my situation. After meeting with Jennifer, she determined an acupuncture treatment for me to follow along with my IVF. I started out with Jennifer before my IVF cycle and continued throughout the cycle, and when it was all through, we had success and were pregnant with our second child!! We were blessed with a easy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy! I believe that my treatment with Jennifer greatly contributed to our success in getting pregnant! Jennifer was always very thorough in explaining each treatment to me and offered additional information and options I could do on my own such as food changes, etc. She was always caring and sensitive to my situation. Thank you Jennifer! "
- Michele

Response from Jennifer E Winer, L.Ac. , Dipl. Ac., MSOM, Fertility Expert, Viola Practitioner

Acupuncture in combination with Invitro Fertilization can up your success rate of getting pregnant from 20% to 60-70%.  Especially using essential points for before and after the transfer of the embryo.  Celine Dion did her first 5 attempts of IVF without acupuncture.  She added acupuncture for her 6th attempt and got pregnant with twins!  I work in conjunction with the fertility doctor to help with getting thr best result. Success rate can also raise that high with Artificial Insemination and with just working to get pregnant on your own. ~ Jennifer E Winer L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSOM