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  • Jen Winer explains what all is offered within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Part of Chinese medicine, obviously like we said is acupuncture. We also offer Chinese herbals, I have a master's in science of oriental medicine, which means I took not only the Acupuncture Courses, but also the Herbal Courses, to support that. Sometimes you can just take the Acupuncture Course, sometimes you can go as far as the Master's Degree, four years of training, and acupuncture, herbs, and other modalities. We also have cupping available. We have “Gua Sha” available, which is a form of getting toxins out of the muscles comparable to cupping, but with different tools. Chinese medicine nutrition, which is not about carbs or calories, it's about what foods make you hot, what foods make you cold, and balancing the body. Because, essentially, when you look at acupuncture in Chinese medicine, it's all about balance. It's all about keeping the body in a neutral, not too cold, not too hot functioning, “perfect” balance.

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