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  • How acupuncture supports pregnancy

What we do during a pregnancy as far as Support; we keep the patient on once a week until week 12. During that time, they're still pretty nervous [due to the] possibility of miscarriage. From the studies I've read; the chances of having anything happen past week 12 are pretty low, and so we get them to that week 12; they feel really confident and more secure.

Then, it's often every three weeks for the patient to visit [for acupuncture], just to help with any symptoms of pregnancy like hot flashes, or sleeping, chronic urination, or to keep their body balanced because they want an easier labor which can happen with the help of acupuncture as well.

They can come see you more often than that but, that is your recommendation.

Absolutely.  By the time they're pregnant, it's their decision as far as their stress level. I'll definitely give my recommendation and if I thought I needed to see them a few more times than once a week, or once a week, if possible, I definitely recommend that to the patient.
Past week 12 [of pregnancy], it's also a consideration of how they're feeling.

Thank you Jen!

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