In this Video:

  • How Chinese medicine uses pulse, tongue and whites of one's eyes to determine a diagnosis

  • How Chinese medicine treats the entire body and not just one issue at a time

When we talk about your diagnosis, we'll start by looking at your tongue and looking at your pulse. We aren't really looking at your pulse for Count as much as the Quality of the
pulse. There are 30 different “Qualities” and they all mean something different. There are three organs [we are reading] on each wrist. When we are feeling your pulse, we're putting three fingers down [on your wrist], not just one. We're looking at kidney, we're looking at the other organs that are associated, and then on the other side of your wrist, same thing; three different organs that we're feeling for.

When we look at your tongue we're looking not just for color, but your tongue is divided into six different areas, based on organs, based on coding, based on how the veins look under your tongue, all of which can tell us something.

We also can look at the inner parts or the whites of your eyes, and find out things, and your pupils, and your face, and any markings on your body. We also can potentially tell if a patient is pregnant based on their pulse, but that's never “foolproof.” We're never gonna say “I think you're pregnant,” before you're pregnant. But, we can tell from several markers, like pulse, tongue, taste, smell, just different things that might be going on. Again, usually those things start to occur once a woman finds out they are pregnant and they're more into the hormonal fluctuation as the body is figuring out it's pregnant and getting situated for pregnancy.

An advantage of Chinese medicine is that we're treating your body as the whole entire body. In saying that, we're not only treating infertility, we're also going to ask; how do you sleep at night, how's your stress level, and how are your bowel movements? All of these factors, and more, can indicate that your body is imbalanced. What we want when you're preparing to be pregnant and carry a baby for that nine-month period is for your body to be at its peak potential. So, if we're just focusing on one aspect of your body such as stress, cortisol levels, hormones, or other imbalance you might have going on, the other factors need to be addressed as they also play a role in the body as a whole.

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