In this Video:

  • How soon you should seek acupuncture treatment for infertility

  • How infertility acupuncture protocol may vary depending on your particular situation

  • How acupuncture can help with the cost of infertility treatment

  • How acupuncture supports you throughout pregnancy

How quickly do you recommend people come see you Jen?

As soon as possible; honestly, the sooner the better. Because acupuncture is kind of a slower medicine. It's not like taking for example an ibuprofen, and in 15 minutes you're getting pain relief. It's a very cumulative effect, so each time you get a treatment, we're getting the body better and better and better.

Now, fertility is a little different when you're treating that, because there are different treatments for each week of your cycle and different treatments based on the first half of your cycle, versus the second half of your cycle; different treatments as far as if you're not ovulating properly, different treatments if your FSH level is higher, so there are many other things we look at that help us with diagnosis. And fortunately, it does come from Western medicine sometimes. Basal body temperature graphs, for example, we look at and even though it's telling us this is when they're ovulating, and this is when they're getting their period,
based on the way that graph looks it helps us diagnose and we can relate that to our Chinese medicine diagnosis terms. There are many, many things we can do, and the sooner the better.

I work with my patients and if there are herbs that I think they should have, I definitely make sure that after ovulation they are completely safe to get pregnant on. Before ovulation, usually completely safe too, unless we need something that, for example we're going to work with polycystic ovarian syndrome, and work with ovaries and that might be an herb you take day one to ovulation so it's not interfering with the second half of the cycle. A lot of things to consider there. Essentially, the sooner the better, because even just getting your stress down alone, it's going to up your chances so significantly.

I love that. I love that. If nothing else, do the acupuncture to manage your stress, so everything else can happen in your body!

Absolutely, because when you look at it as an advantage point, and also as a cost point. I know a lot of people are concerned with cost, looking at most people, they go through seven rounds of assisted reproductive technology, before they get pregnant. Just on that alone, that's a huge expense, and if we can get you pregnant on two rounds of assisted reproductive technology, while combining acupuncture and or herbs, you are gonna be saving a lot of money. You're gonna be balancing your body, your entire body, so you're going to get the benefit of us not working only on the fertility aspect, but do you have allergies, do you have insomnia, do you have a sore neck, do you have frequent urination, do you have an old injury that is really revving up and you can't walk on your ankle very well, because you sprained it 10 years ago? Do you have an autoimmune issue, or chronic inflammation?  All of those things can be worked on, with acupuncture.

So, essentially in one treatment, although it's very honed in, to your fertility issue, we're still going to touch on all those points.

That's great!

Yes, I would like to work with Jennifer Winer