Story by Scott

Case: Scott, 18 year-old male
Chief Complaint: Acne and warts

"I had been suffering warts on my right foot big toe for at least 6 months, and it was so bad they'd spread to my next toe as well. They were very painful and ugly and kept me from doing activities that I enjoy because of how painful they were. I tried over-the-counter wart removers, and even went to a dermatologist who was amazed at how many warts there were on that small of an area, but really didn't have anything to offer me to fix the problem. My mom asked if I'd be interested in trying acupuncture with Jennifer, and I said "OK!" "I'll try anything these are so uncomfortable!" I started with Jennifer in December, and after 3 treatments and herbs, I could see that all the warts were starting to get black dots in the centers. Within 4 weeks, half the warts were gone, and within 6 weeks, they were all gone. I also asked Jennifer to help with my acne which had really gotten bad over the prior year. I'd tried over-the-counter medicines for this as well, and went to a dermatologist who suggested antibiotics (no, thank you!). Within 2 weeks my acne was much improved, and within 6 weeks, I had only a few pimples, but nothing like the acne I'd suffered prior to seeing Jennifer. As a nice side-effect, I've got lots more energy since seeing Jennifer, and am not at all fatigued the way I had been prior to seeing her."
- Scott

Response from Jennifer E Winer, L.Ac. , Dipl. Ac., MSOM, Fertility Expert, Viola Practitioner

Acupuncture works to balance your body so it can heal and the energy pathways can flow and not be blocked.  These blockages can cause issues in the body.  Acupuncture sometimes in combination with herbs can be very effective for acne and for warts.  It also helps to boost your immune system which can be helpful when working with underlying issues that may be causing warts and acne. ~ Jennifer E Winer L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSOM