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    Why we wrote this guide?

    This guidebook is created by Trailhead Health with key contribution and input from Jen Winer L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSOM of
    Traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, is practiced in every hospital in China, servicing one quarter to one third of The World's population. Outside of China, every country and culture using acupuncture has adapted it to unique health needs. There are very few healing modalities out there, that explain what makes us unique, why we are so different and how we can use nature to keep ourselves not just free of disease but also in the BEST health we can be. At Trailhead Health we are committed to helping consumers find the best healing modalities and practices currently used within the United States, that can be integrated beautifully into our current healthcare regimen.

    Acupuncture emphasizes the significance of understanding what makes us unique, how the same food item may have a completely different influence on one body versus another, how seasons affect us and how we should change our diet according to our geographical region as well as seasons, and also how having a fixed daily care routine can make all the difference in achieving your best health.

    Who this guide is for?

    Since Acupuncture emphasizes "Prevention" and "Balance," this guide is for the consumer who wants to be in-charge of their health and avoid sickness. The goal in Acupuncture is to help us achieve our best self so we can live in balance and harmony with our surroundings and each other.  If this is your goal or wish for your health, then this guide book is for you.

    How much of this guide should you read?

    This guide is designed for you to read cover-to-cover.  Each new chapter builds on the previous one. The core idea we want to reinforce is that Acupuncture is about Prevention, Harmony and Balance, so you know exactly what is going on with you and how to manage it. Reading this guide from start to finish will not only help you learn about the various tools used within Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, but also connect with experienced practitioners and acupuncture schools to assist you on your healthcare journey. This guide is a living, breathing document and is regularly updated with current information on Acupuncture.  From understanding Acupuncture to becoming a Licensed Acupuncture practitioner, many topics are covered within this guide.

    We love feedback!

    At Trailhead Health we are always looking for ways to improve our educational content. Please let us know how we are doing. If you have any questions on the topics covered within this book or suggestions, please reach out to us at