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    Common questions asked during a Acupuncture session

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    Here are examples of some questions asked during an Acupuncture exam:
    1. Are you more hot or cold?
    2. Do you have headaches?
    3. How is your energy level?
    4. Do you have ringing in your ears?
    These questions are not always associated with the main issue. Every symptom tells the acupuncturist what imbalances are occurring in your body and what organs they are associated with.
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    Why does an cupuncturist look at your tougue?

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    The tongue is divided into six areas representing different organs.  Acupuncturists are able to tell imbalances based on color, size, coat, and markings.
    • Kidney, Bladder, Intestine
    • Liver, Gallbladder
    • Spleen, Stomach
    • Lung 
    • Heart
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    Why does an Acupuncturist check your pulse?

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    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are three pulses on each wrist representing different organs. An Acupuncturist is feeling for the quality of the pulse as well as the count.

    Left Hand  (Superficial Position)  - Small Intestine, Gall Bladder, Bladder

    Left Hand (Deep Position) - Heart, Liver, Kidney

    Right Hand (Superficial Position) - Large Intestine, Stomach, Triple Warmer

    Right Hand (Deep Position) - Lungs, Spleen and Pericardium