Welcome to Trailhead Health. Have you ever wondered what happens in a typical Hypnosis session? When a client comes into my office they never know what to expect and everybody naturally is a little nervous because you don't know, so we spend time talking about what's going to happen. At the typical start of our session we'll spend a few minutes talking especially on the return, how was your week, what happened, you know, what did you see improve, what were your challenges and then we'll go to the chair and we'll do hypnosis together.

I would love to tell my clients what it's like but it's different for everybody and it's typically not what they expect and the reason I know that is because they'll say things to me like, well that wasn't what I expected. Some people might feel heavy like I couldn't lift my arm if I tried or they might feel like they're floating or some people feel like they're just sitting in a chair. Most clients think that it looks like this and for the most part when they're in my chair it looks like they're sleeping because their eyes are closed, if they choose, some clients choose to leave their eyes open, but some clients are very active a hypnosis doesn't have to be fragile it doesn't have to be in a room with soft lights and music, although that is what I give the experience of here, because that's what people expect. Expectations are important.  

Everyone experiences hypnosis different and that's okay because they're choosing how they want to experience it.  Some people want the traditional swinging watch like I said earlier and other people have no set expectations. Usually the client is very unaware of how much time they are in hypnosis there's a lot of time distortion in hypnosis. They hear everything, you will remember pretty much what you would remember from any typical conversation. Sometimes you might zone out and come back in but your subconscious mind is taking everything in; and then sometimes a day or two later something else will come to them, just like our normal life, it's really no different.  It doesn't have to feel that much different than your waking state but typically the client will feel extremely relaxed, very peaceful, and ironically what they experience is this intense level of focus and a sense of control.

This is what I love, this is what I love to have happen to people because hypnosis, no matter why you come in here, whether it's to lose weight, or you're having pain, or you can't sleep, the one thing that every single client has in common is that there's something in their life that has gotten out of control and they want to take it back. So when they feel that focus and that relaxation and that sense of control that's exactly what I want them to experience.