Medical Conditions

I have personally been able to help with: Pain, Sleep, Stress, Caregiver Stress, Confidence, Dental Issues, Exam and Test Skills, Fear, Parenting Skills, Quit Smoking, Sports Improvement, Relaxation, Weight Management, Addiction



The following appointments can be booked
  • Initial Consultation - 45 minutes
  • Private Session - 60 or 120 minutes
  • R&R – 30 minute relaxation, existing clients only
  • 30 minute reinforcement visit – For some clients only
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Please arrive 10 mins before the appointment. We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. We require a 2 day cancellation notice or your account will be billed.


There are four options for learning and training:
  • NGH Certified FARE 1.0
  • NGH Certified 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®
  • FARE Comprehensive Hypnotism™
  • Continuing Education Courses (various)
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The FARE Hypnosis Center offers certification training for new hypnotists as well as continuing education for hypnotists and other professionals to enhance their current skills. There are also special programs for Medical Personnel and Therapists.


Roberta has been a speaker and trainer for the past 20 years
  • Stop Letting Stress Manage You – Take Back Control!
  • Aligning Your Personal Compass
  • Organizational Change – How Vulnerability and Uncertainty Ca
  • Self Hypnosis – Mindfulness on Steroids
  • Stress Management for Caregivers and HealthCare providers
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Roberta has been a speaker and trainer for the past 20 years in the education, government and business sectors. When you bring Roberta to your staff, you not only learn more about the employees, but also through Roberta's help, you can understand their needs better and make a stronger connection with them!

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No, Please make appointment first
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We accept checks, cash and credit cards.

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Questions & Answers

Do hypnotists work closely with my medical doctors or nurses?

Yes. We are not doctors or therapists, and do not diagnose or treat any physical or mental health problems. We do work in conjunction with therapists and medical personnel when they refer a patient/client to us. 

We will never suggest that you discontinue any prescribed treatment or medications, as that is for a medical doctor to determine. If you are being treated for a medical condition, we require that you get a referral from your doctor. We may coordinate with doctors or therapists concerning diagnosed conditions  such as pain management, reducing stress, sleep issues, changing habitual patterns such as smoking and overeating, and other habitual or behavioral issues.

To clarify even further: Psychotherapy means the diagnosis and conversational treatment of mental disease. Hypnotism means the use of trance and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behavior.

How many sessions are needed for Hypnosis to work?

Hypnosis is typically more than a single session, as the subconscious mind works best with repetition. While it varies depending on the issue, our programs typically span 4- 8 sessions, varying from one to two hours each.

Am I asleep during Hypnosis and will I remember anything?

You are not asleep. Sometimes hypnotists use the word sleep, but in hypnosis it means a deep state of physical and mental relaxation with a heightened sense of awareness. You will hear things going on around you, they just won’t seem very important. You will remember most of which you'd normally recall from any conversation. You may choose to take a break from my voice and do your own thing for awhile, but the subconscious mind is always listening. You may emerge from hypnosis thinking that it didn’t work because you remember so much – and of course, this is exactly what is supposed to happen! I may even have you open your eyes and talk, and all the while you will still be in trance. All of this is perfectly normal.

Can anyone and everyone be hypnotized and how does it work?

Everyone can be hypnotized if they are willing. Contrary to what you’ve seen in the movies, no one can hypnotize someone against their will  or ‘make’ them do anything - boy, if this was possible I’d really be able to make the world a better place! I simply help you physically relax and become mentally alert, and through words and tone of voice guide you into the theta trance state, called somnambulism, where your subconscious mind is able to eliminate negative thoughts and habits and receive positive suggestions that will assist you in achieving your desired goals.

Does hypnosis really work and is it guaranteed?

There are thousands of documented cases where hypnosis has been successfully used for pain management, to ease stress, in dental issues and childbirth, in helping the underlying conditions of irritable bowel syndrome, sleep problems, losing weight, smoking cessation and more. A hypnotist can provide no guarantees. Because you are a participant in the process, your desire for a solution to the problem and your willingness to participate in the process are critically important to its success. You are the one who is in control and the hypnotist is there to guide you. I like to say that a hypnotist is like a bicycle - I can guide you in the direction of your goals, but you have to peddle and you have to steer! As with any professional from whom you seek assistance, you should seek a trusting relationship and have confidence in the person’s ability to assist you in meeting your goals.

Why do people act foolishly under a state of hypnosis? We have seen stage shows - with people following commands and acting foolishly?

It is true that people will follow commands under hypnosis, but those participants volunteer to get up on the stage and agree to do what the hypnotist tells them. Listen carefully to see how the hypnotist asks for this agreement. If he doesn't think someone will be cooperative, he will ask them to leave the stage. People are asked to do silly things, but if the requests went against someone’s true values, they would not cooperate – and remember, the show is meant to be funny. It is also quite common that there are “plants” in the audience that will help the comedian/hypnotist look good, and there are people who will fake being in trance in order to make the show, or themselves, more entertaining. (Also see the next question)

Can I be forced into trance or be made to do things against my will?

No. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your subconscious mind is always in complete control when you are in the theta state and it can only take suggestions that it is given in the best way. You cannot be forced to do or say anything while in trance that you would not do outside of hypnosis. 

Please explain hypnosis in a way I can understand.

Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness and focus, where you are receptive to new thoughts and ideas. The hypnotist acts as a guide or coach to assist you in this process. I help you focus on what you want, neutralize negative triggers, and make sure your beliefs and expectations are aligned with your goals. While these things can be addressed using your conscious mind, it is in the subconscious mind that the emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you can be eliminated and new, productive thoughts and habits can be accepted.


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