Hypnosis helps ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques. It is a heightened state of awareness and focus where you are open to new ideas, thoughts and suggestions. It is a natural state of mind that you experience at various times during the day. Our goal is to teach you how to intentionally initiate hypnosis for a specific purpose you wish to achieve.

Principles of FARE hypnosis technique:

FOCUS: Whatever you focus on will expand in your life. When the same behaviors keep producing the same results that you don’t want, it’s time to look at what your mind is focusing on. We focus on solutions.

ASSOCIATE: When your thoughts and images are similar in nature to your focus, your mind begins to connect everything to that focus. We eliminate triggers that reinforce unwanted behaviors.

REPEAT: Whatever you repeat often enough, and believe passionately enough, will become the truth in your mind. We help you make sure your beliefs are aligned with your goals.

EXPECT: You get exactly what you expect you will, and your subconscious will filter out anything to the contrary. We make sure your expectations are aligned with your goals.

Because you must be a willing participant in hypnosis, each individual’s experience and hypnosis results will vary. Your desire for change plays a large part in how quickly change can happen. Hypnosis is like a bicycle. It can transport you to where you want to go, but you have to steer and peddle to get there. There is no magic wand.

On average, our process requires four to six visits to address most issues. Appointments are 1 or 2 hours in length. While there is occasional success in one session for certain issues, this is not the norm, and with the exception of a relaxation visit, we very rarely provide single visits for clients.

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