Dr. Wilson has been treating kids allergies for the last 50 years....We had a detailed conversation in a series of videos with him about kids and allergies and how these symptoms show up differently in different children. We finally had to ask Dr. WIlson the obvious question.


Dr. WIlson's response: And I would have to say yes. Most allergies are hidden. People don’t always know that they are allergic to a particular item or food. Remember, there is hardly any symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies. So if we were able to screen all children, we would be able to find problems that would be affecting their behavior, affecting their focus in school, their ability to learn, their coordination in sports…all kinds of problems. For example, I helped a child with growth problems, wasn’t growing. And once her allergies were cleared, she grew 4 inches within months. This is something parents wouldn’t even think about. Its not on their radar screen. So if we were to do an allergy screening for children, it would really help and make a huge difference in their life.


About Dr. Wilson

Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D.PSc. is a Holistic Allergist and has been in practice since 1964. He has helped thousands of adults and children to rid them of their allergies, heal their pain, and improve their health. This is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions.

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