Q& A with Dr. Wilson, Holistic Allergist, in Minnesota. Dr. Wilson has been helping people get rid of their allergies for the past 50 years. In this interview, he answers common consumer questions about allergies.

Good news: We don’t have to live with allergies, we can eliminate them! But first we have to understand what allergies are, how do we know what we are allergic to and then how to eliminate them.

Question: What are allergies and how come what you do helps them and eliminates them?

Dr. Wilson explains: Well, we develop allergies for a couple of main reasons. 

  1. One is because of our SAD American Diet, SAD, meaning Standard American Diet. We don’t have the 90 nutrients...90 vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are necessary to make the body work optimally. Food is grown on mineral deficient soil. It is laced with trans fats, sugars. It’s just very unhealthy.
  2. Number two is we live in a very toxic world. We live in a world where our water is toxic; our food is toxic, our environment is toxic. It’s been said you can’t get out of your bathroom in the morning without being exposed to over 160 different chemicals. So what these toxins do is they kind of clog up the system, and they don’t allow the body to work right.

So as a result of these two things, our SAD (Standard American) diet and our toxic world, we start to develop allergies. 


Question: What are some of the allergy symptoms?

Dr. Wilson: People think of allergies in terms of itchy eyes, runny noses, and hives. Believe me, that is the smallest part. Allergies can cause digestive problems and female problems and joint aches and muscle pains, behavior problems in children and cognitive issues and on and on and on. 

In fact, there is hardly any symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies.

So because we don’t feed it right and we jam it up with a bunch of toxins, then the body starts developing allergies. The allergies simply mean, in the body’s language, it’s like a foreign invader. The body thinks each allergen as a foreign invader, like a bacteria or virus or something like that. And so it reacts, and the reaction might be having stomach problems, the result might be your brain won’t work right because of the different chemicals and so forth.


So how do we get well?

Well, first of all, we have to realize that the body is a self-healing organism. The body already has every drug, every chemical, every hormone it needs if we feed it the nutrients that it needs and if we remove the toxins.

So how do we go about doing all this?


First step: We do an Allergy Screening to see what you might be allergic or sensitive to. 

Now, what are we screening for?

Well, we screen for the common inhalants, the molds, pollens, trees, weeds and so forth, and foods. We screen a lot for environmental issues – latex, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives. We screen for autoimmune problems. We can actually become allergic to different body substances, and this I believe is the foundation for a lot of autoimmune problems. Let me read a list of things and categories that we look at.

Inhalants – Like I mentioned the grasses, pollens, flowers, powders, smoke, cosmetics, perfumes, chemical fumes such as paints, insecticides, fertilizers, flour from grains, etc.

Ingestants – These are allergens that are contracted through the normal course of eating a meal or enter our system through the mouth and thus find a way into our GI system or the gastrointestinal tract. These include foods, condiments, drugs, beverages, chewing gums, vitamins, supplements, etc.

Contactants – These are allergens that produce their effect by direct contact with our skin. Example of contactants includes poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, cats, dogs, rabbits, cosmetics, soaps, skin creams, detergents, rubbing alcohol, gloves, hair dyes, various types of plant oils, chemicals such as gasoline, dyes, acrylic nails, nail polish, fabrics, and formaldehyde.

Injectants – These are allergens that are injected into the skin, muscles, joints or blood vessels, in the form of various serums, antitoxins, vaccines, drugs and they also include substances entering through insect bites.

Infectants  - These are allergens that cause sensitivity to an infectious agent such as bacteria.

Genetic Causes – Most people inherit their genetic tendencies from their parents or their grandparents. Allergies can also skip generations and be manifested very differently in parents than in their children.

Mould and fungi

So these are all the different kinds of areas that we test in and with the way that I check. 

And here is something in addition to all of the above, that we do with our patients. We can also have a patient or parent bring in a sample of their food or a piece of their carpet, or some other item from their environment that I can use for testing and also for treating it. So it’s a little different from most allergists.

Knowing what your body is allergic to or reacting to, is the FIRST STEP to feeling better. 


How do you screen for allergies?

I don’t do the usual medical testing with the pinpricks on the back. We use a form of Applied Kinesiology. What I do is we have the patient lay on the adjusting table. What we usually find is that one leg is usually shorter or longer than the other. Then I check a bunch of reflex patterns to see why that is happening and then we will make some adjustments on the spine. When we get done the legs will balance out, and they will be even. The system will be balanced. Now the body is an electromagnetic field. If we bring something in contact with that body that’s not good for it - either toxic or allergic - the whole nerve and muscle system tenses right up. Then guess what happens, that leg pulls up short again, and it occurs almost that fast because we are dealing with the nerve system, the electrical system of the body. If it is not a problem, it doesn’t react. It just stays even.

So what this does for us, is that not only helps us identify the true allergen, but also helps us to determine the hypersensitivities. In my experience, there isn’t much difference between a real allergy which develops antibodies and can be detected in a lab test vs. hypersensitivities, which can’t be tested with a lab test, and they both react almost identically within the body adversely.

The other thing is, it enables us to have a patient bring in a sample of whatever they might be suspicious of from their environment. It might be food, we might have them bring in a tablespoon of food, it might be the family dog, so we might have them bring in a hair sample of the dog and a saliva sample. It might be a piece of carpeting that they have put in, that’s new to their environment. So anything that is questionable, we can have the patient bring in a sample and then use that for testing, and then if it turns out to be that it’s a problem, then we can also turn around and use it for treating.


Question: What are the most common culprits that cause allergies? And also, is the list specific when it comes to children? 

Dr. Wilson: The most common culprits are dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, and eggs are the most common ones. With children, especially with ADHD, the artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives are huge allergens and culprits.


Question: Thank you, Dr. Wilson. As I’m listening to you talk about allergies, the one thing that is coming to my mind is, maybe children should just be screened for allergies. What is your opinion on that?

Yes. First of all, most allergies are hidden. People don’t know that they are allergic to a particular item or food. And they are not aware of the effects it can have on them. So if we were able to screen all children, we would be able to find problems that would be affecting their behavior, affecting their focus in school, their ability to learn, their coordination in sports, all kinds of problems. For example, I had a child with growth problems. She wasn’t growing. After her allergies were cleared, she grew 4 inches in just a few months. This is something parents wouldn’t even think about. It’s not on their radar screen. So if we were to do an allergy screening test for all children, it would make a huge difference in their health.



Second, we do a blood profile.  A comprehensive one where we test 67 different items in your blood. Testing your liver, your thyroid, your autoimmune function, your blood count…everything. So we want to know what that SAD diet and the toxic world has caused in our body chemistry. What functions have been disrupted and what are we deficient in and so forth. 



Third: And then we go about doing a detox. A detox program takes about three weeks. It's eating a very specialized diet and taking supplements to pull the toxins out of the system. And then develop a plan to eliminate the allergies, which is obviously what I do. 

(At this time, Dr. Wilson also starts his allergy treatment with his patients. He treats one allergen at a time in a single session.)

Finally and very importantly, to sustain a healthy body Dr. Wilson also does this very important fourth step with all his patients. 


Fourth: And then to develop a nutritional plan based on the blood profile that we have done based on what we have determined what the imbalances and deficiencies are. 

Lastly, we need to take a look at altering your lifestyle, because you know the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So we need to take a look at our lifestyle so we can change it, improve it and move it towards a healthy lifestyle, so we don’t keep doing the same things over and over again that got us sick, to begin with. 


Question: So let’s say that through the screening process we have come to identify 12 different things that we are allergic or hypersensitive to. Once that determination is made how do you go about treating every one of these allergies? 

Dr. Wilson: Well, first of all, each allergen is usually eliminated with one treatment. I know that sounds unbelievable, but that’s our usual experience. Sometimes, if it's a real deep seeded allergen or one that is affecting the individual adversely, it might take two or three treatments to clear it. Once we have gone through the entire treatment program, to whatever number that we have started out with, we will then wait three months. At the end of the three months, I have the patient back again, and we will retest everything that was positive initially, be sure that they are holding. We might find that there might be one or two that might need an additional booster treatment.


Well, that is great. So we have determined that we need to handle each treatment for each allergy individually. What does a single treatment involve? Is it in any way painful or invasive? Can it hurt? And how long does each treatment take?

Nothing that I do in my office is in the least bit painful and this is why I get along great with kids. Because we don’t use needles, nothing hurts, and they love us for it.

So how long does it take? 

Each treatment takes about 15 minutes. 

What we do is we get the patient adjusted so that their system is balanced and the legs are even. And then we put a vial in their hand, whatever we are going to be testing that day if its eggs or milk or whatever it is. And when we do that leg will go short and then I will come up and work on what we call the Master Reset Button.

It’s the Brain Stem and a major Acupuncture point. I use a little instrument to it. In fact, I will show you what it is. It looks like this (see video for the image). I carry it with me all the time. Its very light and just a light click. And we use that in a point up here (pointing to the Brain Stem). When we get done, we will go back down and will find that the legs are even. So once the legs are even, we will take the vial out of their hand, out of their energy field, for a short time, just 7 to 10 seconds, then we put it back in their hand. We will find that the first time, maybe that leg went up half an inch short. This time, it’s only about a quarter of an inch short. So, it's reacting less. So then we will come up, and we will work on the master reset button again. We will come back, and the legs will be even again. We will take the vial out of their hand and wait for 7 to 10 seconds and put it back in, and this time maybe it will be an eighth of an inch. So every time we do this cycle, it reacts less and less, until pretty soon, it doesn’t react at all. So when we have done that, then we use a laser to work on acupuncture points. We acupuncture the acupuncture points in the ear. There is a branch of acupuncture called Auricular Therapy. In Auricular therapy, the whole body is represented in the ear. I have a chart on the wall I can show patients this. We laser the entire ear for a short time, and then we laser down, either side of the spine. There is a major acupuncture meridian or energy channel called the Bladder Meridian. It starts from the inside of the bridge of the nose and goes all the way up over the head and down below the side of the spine, down both legs, all the way to the little toe. And we work on the bladder meridian with the laser because it has all kinds of connecting points with the other 11 meridians.

Our goal here is while the patient is holding that allergen in their hand, we want to normalize the acupuncture energy system. So we are in essence saying to the body, its okay now. It’s not a threat; it’s not a foreign invader, its okay. And when we get done, the legs will be even. Or the short leg might be longer, its overcompensated and that’s where you want it to be. So then we are done with the treatment for the day. Excuse me, missed a couple of points. Then we laser a couple of acupuncture points in the hand and on the wrist and in the knee and the foot. And then we are done. Then when the patient comes back on the next visit, we will get them balanced again, then we will take their vial, the substance that we treated in the last visit, put it in their hand and see if it reacts. If it does, we might have to treat it a second time. If it doesn’t, then we move on to the next allergen. And that’s how we do it! Simple, easy, effective and painless.


Question: So when you start the treatment, there are two questions that come to mind, from your explanation. One is, every treatment seems to begin with a chiropractic adjustment. Why is, in your opinion, that so significant and vital? And the second is, you mentioned stimulating the acupuncture points using the laser. Why laser and why do you opt for that?

Dr. Wilson: The treatment that we do is with chiropractic care, to align the spine, be sure that the nerves are working right because nerves control every organ action, tissue, function, cells of our whole body. So, nerves have to be working right.

So the treatment is with Chiropractic adjustment first, and we use laser acupuncture. We use acupuncture, but we use lasers. A lot of time people don’t realize that there are many different ways you can stimulate acupuncture points. And we use lasers instead of needles because a lot of times, people, especially kids have an aversion to needles. And the other thing is, it's much quicker and faster. If we were going to use needles, the patient would have to lay on the table, and to have a hyperactive child lay on a table for 20 minutes, with needles sticking in they, is just isn’t going to happen. So we want to use the quickest way, which is lasers. And so what we are doing is we are saying to the body, its okay now. This allergen that we are treating you for is not a foreign invader, its okay, it's not a threat to you. And so that’s what we are doing with allergy elimination work.


Dr. Wilson further explains: Sometimes people say to me, you know Dr. Wilson, you just tested me for allergies, and you came up with 23 allergens, and I would just like to take care of the top 6 ones that I know that I am allergic to. Can we do that?

And my answer to that is NO. Because if we treat those six allergies out of 23, we are still going to have 17 that are dragging the immune system down. And we are going to not have lasting results with the six that we did treat. You have to remember that most allergens are hidden. We don’t know that we have them and most of the times we don’t realize how those allergies are affecting us. Because allergies can affect us in so many different ways, whether it is a digestive problem, joint pain or muscle aches or female problems or kid’s problems. We are not aware of that. For that reason, I only treat whatever we find and get rid of all of them, and then that’s going to get the immune system upward, where it belongs, and the body will take care of itself.


Question: Thank you, Dr. Wilson. I do have one question about just expectation from you as far as your patients are concerned. What are you expecting from your patient who is coming to receive this treatment?

Dr. Wilson: The scripture says – My people die for lack of knowledge. And I feel one of the reasons we get sick today is because people don’t realize what’s necessary, why they get sick, and what is necessary to get well again. And so I feel that patient education is primary and a very important part of my care. The word doctor means to teach. And so we should be teachers, we should be teaching people not only how to get well and how to stay well. So this is what you can expect from me. What I expect from you is that you need to realize and expect the fact that we are in a partnership. I have to do my part, and I expect you to do certain things. So, when I coach you and educate you on lifestyle changes, which are extremely important, that you will take them and run with them and incorporate them into your way of being.

You remember the definition of insanity, don’t you  - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, if we are going to go back to the lifestyle that set up the environment, the situation that would drag our immune system down and cause allergies, then we are not going to get lasting results. So to get lasting permanent results, we need to change our lifestyle. And I feel my job is to educate you and train you in a way that is healthy and it’s your job to take the ball and run with it. So I expect a certain commitment from patients, and it's important because I can’t do the whole job. Again, it’s a partnership. It’s both of us working together, both of us having a common goal of getting you well, getting you healthy and get rid of your allergies.


People sometimes will ask me  - Can you eliminate an allergen that has caused a patient to go into anaphylactic shock and have to go to the ER?

My answer to that is No. I can’t. I can sometimes help make it less sensitive, so that may be if they get exposed to it accidentally, they aren’t going to go into anaphylactic shock, but it’s not something I say, we are going to eliminate this allergy, just like I do some of the other allergens.


Question: Is your Allergy Elimination treatment effective in children?

Absolutely, positively Yes! Many times I can change the direction the child is going in. I can make a lifetime of changes for them.  I can take care of tummy aches, digestive problems, behavior problems in children. One little boy that I took care of… his dad said when he gets into something he’s allergic to he becomes Attila the Hun. After we got done treating him for his allergies, we have this sweet little boy. In fact, his mother told me that when she realized this, she broke down and cried because she has her sweet little boy back again. This is so rewarding to be able to help children, and it is going to make a lifetime of changes for them.

We can help children focus better, pay attention in school better. I’ve had situations where the diagnosis for autism spectrum and ADHD has been dismissed by the doctor after their allergies were cleared. Allergies are super important for kids. It is so rewarding, so satisfying, for a doctor to be able to change children’s lives in such a way. And the thing that is so powerful is that the idea of allergies causing all of these problems or allergies being at the root cause of the problem is not even on the parent’s radar screen. Frankly, it’s not even on most doctor’s radar screen. They don’t realize that there is hardly any symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies.


Question: How did you develop the Allergy Elimination method? There are no other doctors around that do it the way that you do. How did you come up with it?

Dr. Wilson:Well, first of all, I have developed it over the course of 40 to 50 years, and so what I have done, is that I have found certain aspects of different treatment methods that are effective and that work and I have put them together. Nobody, I guess, does exactly what I do because what I do has gradually evolved over the last couple dozen years using different methods. We use for example NAET; some people are familiar with. It stands for (Nambudripad’s allergy elimination techniques). I use Biokineticswhich is a form of treatment for all kinds of problems and JMT (Jaffe-Mellortechnique). And what I have done is that I have taken what I feel is the best most effective part of these treatments and put them together, and then we have to straighten the diet around, clean the diet up. If necessary, give supplements to balance the body chemistry so we can bring about healing as it should.

(Dr. Wilson insists on looking at other aspects as well, not just allergies).

We have looked at problems from different aspects. We don’t just limit it to allergies. Sometimes there can be emotional components. Sometimes we need to talk about exercise. Sometimes we need to talk seriously about sleep issues. Because all of these are important if we want to get lasting results, and effective results. And simply put I’ve found many things through the years that work, and I’ve eliminated things that don’t work.



Thank you, Dr. Wilson. So there you have it, folks. In this whole presentation, we covered how allergies can be eliminated naturally. If there are two things you can remember out of this entire recording, it’s as follows.

Number one, there’s hardly a symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies. 

And the second and perhaps the most important thing. The body is a self-healing organism. The body has every drug, chemical, every hormone it needs to get well and stay well. Providing we feed it right and get rid of the toxins and eliminate the allergies.

Thank you, Dr. Wilson.


Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D.PSc. is a Holistic Allergist and has been in practice since 1964. He has helped thousands of adults and children to rid them of their allergies, heal their pain, and improve their health. Dr. Jay Wilson center is called Allergy Elimination Center of Minnesota. Dr. Wilson received his Doctorate in Chiropractic in the year 1964 and has been in practice ever since.  He’s a doctor of Pastoral Medicine, Health Minister and lovingly calls himself a Holistic Allergist. 

Using the principles of Biokinetics, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, JMT, NAETand Functional Medicine, Dr. Wilson has developed a unique method not just to manage allergies, but to get rid of them. He has had tremendous success with many of his clients in the last 50 years and is a firm advocate of people not having to live with allergies. Allergies can be eliminated. His method does not involve any invasive procedures or needles. Therefore it is especially helpful for children. This is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions. 

Knowing what your body is allergic to or reacting to, is the FIRST STEP to feeling better.