We asked Dr. Wilson, Why do you do, what you do? And why are you so passionate about eliminating allergies?

I guess we have to go back to my beginning. I was raised in a chiropractic family. My dad was a chiropractor, so it was just natural that my thinking was along the natural line. I have always wanted to do things that help people with natural treatment. So I’ve done chiropractic for 52 years. Actually, I don’t have a choice, that's my background. And I’ve gradually gravitated toward taking care of allergies. Because as I’ve said many times before there is hardly a symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies. So I have gradually become a holistic allergist, that’s what I call myself. We want to take care of a person from a holistic standpoint. We want to get rid of their allergies, but inorder to get rid of their allergies we have to take a look at their diet and also the toxic world that they live in. We have to improve their diet and we have to get rid of the toxins because these are two of the main reasons why we develop allergies.


About Dr. WIlson

Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D.PSc. is a Holistic Allergist and has been in practice since 1964. He has helped thousands of adults and children to rid them of their allergies, heal their pain, and improve their health. This is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions.