In this video, John Gilbert shares his family's story about allergies. How he found Dr. Wilson and learned how his method helped to fix his and his family's allergies.

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[John Gilbert] We've been suffering from allergies for quite a while now. For me, my whole life, seasonal allergies. I was self-medicating so over-the-counter, Sudafed, Zyrtec, I would take until they weren’t working anymore and then I’d switch to something else. I just, I had a constant rotation. And I mean the seasonal allergies, mainly sinuses and then, more asthma type response, too. A lot of food allergies too, I was inflamed right through here.  I was thinking I didn't want my kids to go through that, and we were planning on going and getting tested and doing the allergy shots. I was talking to somebody about allergies; she had recommended Trailhead Health and Dr. Wilson, so why not try it out. I would be the test subject to try it first and then after seeing positive results started bringing the kids in. Now, the whole family’s coming and I think we're all seeing results. My allergies are definitely Better and I'm not taking any more over-the-counter medications or any prescribed allergy medications. I definitely feel a lot better, my sinuses are clear. It's just, it's a world of difference.

I enjoy an occasional beer, and when I would have a beer, you know, I would definitely feel inflamed in the gut, and now, you know, that doesn't happen. I can actually enjoy it and not have to, suffer from it after. I can tell now, with some of the foods that I’d eat I am definitely not reacting now the way that I was in the past. I was skeptic, definitely a skeptic in the beginning, and just, well that's why I was the test subject. I wanted to wait until I saw results and then get the rest of the family involved. I know this guy, [referring to his son] when he would have sugar or anything sugary he definitely got really wound up, would misbehave on a frequent basis. I mean we cut way back on the sugar, but when he does get a treat now he doesn’t respond the way that he used to.

Q: That’s amazing! For someone watching this video and wondering whether this is a good fit for them or not, what would you say to them? What would your message be for them?

A: I would say try it. I used to dread mowing the yard but it’s something you have to do. I always, right after, I’d jump in the shower and clean up and just try to get all the allergens off me as best possible. Now I don’t mind mowing the yard, I’ll stay out and work in the yard after and it’s just, it’s a world of difference. It’s so much different. 

Q: That’s great! Is there anything you'd like to say? 

A: [Son] No, I wanted one question.

Q: You wanted me to ask you a question? 

A: [Son] One question. 

Q: Okay, well, do you like coming to see Dr. Wilson? 

A: [Son] Kind of.

Q: Kind of? Usually kids are afraid of doctors. You're not afraid of Dr. Wilson? No not at all? 

[Son shakes his head No]

[Dr. Jay Wilson]  "Nothing that I do in the office is painful at all. That's why I get along great with kids, because there's no needles, there's no discomfort to the treatment at all. That's one of my biggest joys and pleasures is seeing the change in children when they get their allergies cleared. They're always a lot more calm, they're more relaxed, they're more...they behave better! Their behavior just almost always changes. And we commonly will work with the mother and the daughter, the dad and the son, or, like in the case with the Gilberts, we take care of the whole family. This is very common in my practice. So the biggest thing is; everything that we do is painless and also very effective, because we don't just treat allergies, we work on eliminating them. So that people, for example, that weren't able to eat eggs, that after the treatment, they’re able to eat eggs. That's our goal is to get them back to a “normal” life where they don't have to worry about not eating that certain thing."