So, I had, like, a lot of health problems and some autoimmune stuff and, just, some sort of, symptoms that would maybe lead to knowing that something was wrong, but I wasn't aware that I had any allergies. 

When Taylor first came to see Dr. Wilson, she had no idea that she had allergies. 

I think the first thing that drew me in was, I wanted to get blood testing done and from what I had heard, Dr. Wilson had a very, comprehensive blood test that, kind of, just checked off all the boxes of things that I wanted tested, so it seemed like a good option. And then, I also had family who came to him and recommended him.

In addition to allergy screening, Dr. Wilson recommended an extensive blood panel for Taylor. She had 44 different allergies and sensitivities[SS1]  that were causing her health problems including auto-immune type symptoms. 

I worked with Dr. Wilson probably, I think it was almost eight months and I came in three times a week. So it's a long process, but I think progressively, like, as I went through that process I started seeing results, and then, you know, obviously by the end was feeling a lot better than when I first began. But it was kind of a gradual process. 

Q: Which result has been your personal favorite?

This is kind of a weird one, but I feel like my favorite has been my digestion. Just because, like, throughout my entire life I've had so many problems with that and I didn't ever really think that it was not normal to have bad digestion, I just kind of thought that was a normal thing that everyone dealt with. And after going through everything with Dr. Wilson, I just noticed, that I was very regular, everything was completely normal, and I didn't have any problems with that anymore, which was super nice and something that I wasn't expecting.

We asked Taylor how she justified paying out of pocket for Dr. Wilson’s Allergy Elimination Protocol.

The way I look at it is, it's your entire life you're talking about, and your health, and that's something that I believe is worth investing in. So whatever that's going to take I think is worth it just so you can, you know, become your best self and live your best life. Whether that's, you know, with insurance or not, it's worth it in the end. The difference between working with a regular doctor versus someone like Dr. Wilson is he's going to look at like the root cause of why you're having problems and it's not just like going to a normal doctor where they're like, oh, you have headaches. Let me give you this prescription to help it. You know, it's not just treating the symptom, it's actually trying to heal you from the ground up, which is something you're not going to find everywhere and makes it worth the money. 

Dr. Wilson’s protocol is unique and sometimes hard to describe. 

Q: How do you describe what Dr. Wilson does to your friends and family? 

Yeah, this is kind of a hard one to explain. So essentially what I say is he uses lasers and acupressure points to, kind of, tell your body that a certain allergen is okay and not something to react to.

Q: Would you have believed that allergies can be eliminated before working with Dr. Wilson? 

No I wouldn't. And so that was something when I started working with him, I'm like, I didn't even know that you could possibly get rid of them. And, like, every normal doctor you go to, they'll just give you medication to, like, help deal with your allergy. But, you know, I've never heard anything like, oh you can actually get rid of them. 

Q: How is Dr. Wilson as a doctor to you? 

I would say he's more than just a doctor to me. And the reason behind that is, he's someone that I know genuinely cares for me as a person. And, like, whatever concern I have I know he's going to try and address that. And I guess, like, an example to that is, he's helped me not only with just, like, my physical health and my allergies, but, like, if I have something emotionally going on, he always helps me work through that. And every time I come in, you know, we talk about life, we don't just talk about the work that he's doing or my physical health. And over my eight months of coming in three times a week I think we've just gotten to know each other very well and I know that, like, he will always be there for me on, like, a personal level as well, which is something that I have really appreciated.

Q: Anything else you’d like other people to know? 

I guess one thing is that when you start working with Dr. Wilson, like, you have to put in the effort too. And Dr. Wilson can help you and the things that he does are amazing, but at the end of the day, your health is your own responsibility. And when he recommends doing a certain diet or following other things, like, I would just say those are just as important as actually coming into the office and having him treat you for an allergy. And I think when I first started working with Dr. Wilson and he wanted me to cut out gluten and dairy and I'm like, there's no way I can do that; that's not going to happen. And I came to realize if I want the best results for myself, then I have to put in the work outside of the doctor's office as well.