Story by T.H.

Before starting care with Dr. Wilson I was absolutely miserable. I was 38 years old and suffered from achy, sore joints. My hips, shoulders and knees were so bad it was painful to go up and down stairs and, with each step, you could hear my knees grinding and crunching. I also dealt with lower back pain and abnormally heavy periods that lasted months at a time. I had an elevated white blood count and elevated CRP levels as well. The Mayo Clinic did extensive testing that did not reveal any concrete answers and I was simply told that I have fibromyalgia. The only guidance and “treatment’ provided by Mayo was to avoid stress and look into whether or not I was ok with the side effects of the leading prescription drugs used to treat fibromyalgia. I was not ok with the side effects and did not pursue a prescription. After finding Dr. Wilson and learning that what I was dealing with was likely related to allergies, I started allergy treatments with Dr. Wilson and began to feel better almost immediately. The inflammation in my body went down, my elevated white blood count and CRP levels returned to normal, the aches and pains are a thing of the past and I’ve lost over 30 pounds! I can now run, play and ride bikes again with my six year old. I am forever grateful for the care I received from Dr. Wilson and have, and will continue to not hesitate , to recommend him to everyone I encounter!

- T.H.

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

“There is hardly a symptom or condition that is not either caused, aggravated, or accelerated by allergies.” I have worked with allergies for over 40 of my 50+ years. However, it is just in the last 20 years that the techniques and methods to actually eliminate allergies and not just treat them.Book your consultation with me today. Learn more at!