Story by Emily P

After 3 months of “living without”, a friend recommended we see Dr. Wilson as he had treated a friend of hers for some food allergies. Never would I have guessed the journey we would have started that day. My son was diagnosed with a peanut, pea, soy and egg allergies at his one year check up with his pediatrician. We were told the only way to live was to eliminate these foods from his diet and hope he grows out of it. His allergies were so severe we were given a prescription for four Epi-pens. In January we had our initial consultation with Dr. Wilson which revealed Jackson didn’t have 4 allergies, he had 27. I looked at my husband in awe. Neither one of us have had any sort of family history of allergies – that we knew of. It took us 9 weeks to get thru the treatments with Dr. Wilson. Through these weeks, we not only were able to “fix” my son of his allergies, we were educated on our life choices around food in general. Since we initially saw Dr. Wilson for Jackson’s allergies, my husband and I have completed the treatments as well. I’ve recommended Dr. Wilson to my co-workers, my family and many of my friends. All of which have completed the treatments as well. I’m a firm believer in his practice. For me I initially viewed it similar to my faith. You can’t always see exactly what is going on, but you can believe. Then one Saturday after Jackson was treated for eggs and cleared, we fed him some scrambled eggs. He was fine! And he enjoyed the whole bowl. There’s something about watching your child eat something that we were told would cause him to go into shock and now he is just fine that makes you know it works. The other confirmation for us was 9 months later at Jackson’s 2 year appointment with our pediatrician when they tested his blood again for the allergies. Gone or greatly reduced. Our pediatrician was amazed. His egg allergy was completely gone and all his others were so low she said “a normal person could live their whole life with this level of allergies and not know they were allergic”. Dr. Wilson doesn’t just fix the problem that you think you have when you walk in the door – he cares about you and your whole life. He is willing to help you get to the root cause and then walk with you on the journey to health.
- Emily P

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

“There is hardly a symptom or condition that is not either caused, aggravated, or accelerated by allergies.” I have worked with allergies for over 40 of my 50+ years. However, it is just in the last 20 years that the techniques and methods to actually eliminate allergies and not just treat them.Book your consultation with me today. Learn more at!