About this video: In this video Dr. WIlson shares a very intersting patient story.

Could there be any correlation between buying a new car and flu-like symptoms? A conversation between Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D. PSc. and Trailhead Health.

Dr. Wilson: Let’s talk about Sarah for a minute. Sarah came to me in June a few years ago. She had originally gotten sick in March with a bad flu but it did not clear up and go away. She went to the doctor. The doctor put her in the hospital and did and ETKM. You know what that is don’t you? Every Test Known To Man.

And all they came up with was the possibility of pancreatitis or irritable bowel. So they sent her home, gave her some medication and it didn’t help so she went to see a chiropractor who used chiropractic adjustments and some acupuncture on her. That did not help. He happened to be a friend of mine so when he didn’t give her any help he sent her to me to check some allergies. When I saw her it was June as I mentioned. And at that point, she had lost 30 pounds.

We did our allergy test that I do routinely on patients. Found out there were only two things she was allergic to. One was formaldehyde and the other was a mix of fabrics. I knew she had brought something new into her environment. When I asked her what she had brought new into her environment she said she had bought a new car in February. That is when she started feeling not so good. I told her to go home and take a clean wet washcloth and wipe down everything inside of the car, the steering wheel, the dash, the carpet, the seat, the headliner, everything. Put it in a clean glass jar and bring it back on the next visit so we can use it for testing. In the meantime, I talked to a colleague of mine who also does allergy work because I thought it was such an interesting case and he said that he had a patient like that not too long ago and she was very sick. She was a pharmaceutical salesperson and the company had given her a year’s leave of absence to get well. She was down to 5 months and wasn’t feeling any better. She went to see him and he tested her for formaldehyde and she was the type that researched everything. She researched and found out that Ford Taurus - her car - used formaldehyde in the headliner of her car. Of course when my patient came back the first question out of my mouth was, “what kind of car do you drive?” And of course, she said a Ford Taurus. We were able then to use the cloth that she brought in for testing and for treating. It took about two weeks but we were able to clear her of her allergy to formaldehyde and she was able to keep her car.


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Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D.PSc. is a Holistic Allergist and has been in practice since 1964. He has helped thousands of adults and children to rid them of their allergies, heal their pain, and improve their health. This is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions.

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