Story by Jay Bruesch

I had alternating high hopes, some temporary success, some frustration with the medical treatment; I saw two neurologists and they were in disagreement as to which course of treatment I needed. Due to severe Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms, I could not travel without crippling muscle spasms in my lower and upper extremities and thorax. Even the drive home from work at night and the drive to work in the morning was a dreaded ordeal due to the muscle spasms I knew I was going to experience. I was gaining weight in spite of vigorous physical exercise. After treating with Dr. Wilson the RLS no longer defines me as a person I still have symptoms but they are milder, less pervasive and less frequent than before. Muscle rigidity in the legs is much relaxed. I am more cheerful and optimistic and have lost 30 pounds, resulting in more vigor and energy and a better attitude overall. Maybe I’ll always have some RLS symptoms—but they no longer are the central focus of my life.

- Jay Bruesch

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

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