Story by DF, on behalf of my son AF – Buffalo

Before finding Dr. Wilson it was heart-wrenching, frustrating, feeling like we had nowhere to go, no one willing to help us . . . I feel like my son has been suffering since birth, with severe eczema over his entire body as an infant, a persistent cough, chronic ear infections, with bouts of asthmas, pneumonia, and influenza. My son was miserable. I finally convinced his pediatrician to test him for allergies at 9 months old after numerous doctor visits and no improvement. From the blood test, we found out he was allergic to milk, wheat, soy, egg, peanut, cats and dogs. We were advised to eliminate these things, including our family pet. His skin condition finally improved with his new restricted diet. Regular visits to a chiropractor greatly reduced the occurrences of ear infections. However, we suddenly had the overwhelming task of managing EVERYTHING that went into his mouth to avoid a possibly life-threatening reaction, including having to trust his caregivers with his food allergies. We even had to limit visits to family and friends who had dogs or cats in their home because of his respiratory response to them. When he was retested at age 3, his allergy levels had increased, despite following doctor’s orders. Yes, it was an inconvenience to deal with his restricted diet, but we were able to manage it. Then, at around 3 years old, his behavior drastically changed—and it wasn’t just typical “toddler tantrums.” He was out of control, aggressive, and full of rage that could not be calmed. This we weren’t able to manage. He would have “episodes” several times a day and he was getting poor reports from preschool. He wasn’t socializing with his friends anymore. It was a daily struggle that broke my heart because I knew what a sweet boy he was, that something was causing this behavior. Then at 3 ½ years old, he broke out in full-body hives for 48 hours—something that had never happened before and we did not know what caused them. We were told to “just give him Benadryl every four hours.” It felt like nobody wanted to find out what was causing all of this. We were emotionally exhausted. Then, we found Dr. Jay. From the first phone call to set up a consultation, I knew and trusted that Dr. Wilson genuinely cared about my son and wanted to help. Now, my son is “himself” again. Within a few short weeks after beginning his allergy elimination treatments, the “episodes” went away and haven’t returned. I distinctly remember crying one day as I realized that I had my little boy back. His teachers at preschool also noticed the difference in his attitude and behavior. I had no idea that allergies could affect behavior. During the initial allergy testing, we also discovered many more food and environmental allergies that we never knew he had—and concluded that a high allergy to corn was probably the culprit of the full-body hives. We also noticed that his appetite increased. He is experiencing and enjoying new foods. We feel a new sense of freedom, able to go out to eat on a whim, take a last-minute weekend trip—all without worrying about what to pack to eat, making sure we had Benadryl and epinephrine, etc. And most importantly, we don’t feel that sense that his health/life may be threatened if he eats something. The allergy elimination treatments have made a world of difference for us. All of this without medications or painful treatments.
- DF, on behalf of my son AF – Buffalo

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

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