Question from a consumer to Dr. Wilson : Is you Allergy Elimination Treatment effective in Children?

(A conversation between Trailhead Health and Holistic Allergist, Dr. Jay P Wilson)

Dr. Wilson's response: The short answer is absolutely, positively Yes! Many times I can change the direction the child is going in. I can make lifetime changes for them. I can take care of tummy aches, digestion problems and behavior problems in children.

One little boy that I took care of… his dad said when he gets into something he’s allergic to he becomes Attila the Hun. After we got done treating him for his allergies we have this sweet little boy. In fact, his mother told me that when she realized this, she broke down and cried because she has her sweet little boy back again.

This is so rewarding to be able to help children and it is going to make a lifetime change for them. We can help children focus better, pay attention in school better. I’ve had situations where the diagnosis for autism spectrum and ADHD has been dismissed by the doctor after their allergies were cleared.

Allergies are super important for kids. It’s so rewarding, so satisfying for a doctor to be able to change children’s lives in such a way. And the thing that is so powerful is that the idea of allergies causing all of these problems or allergies being at the root cause of the problem is not even on the parent’s radar screen. Frankly, it’s not even on most doctor’s radar screen. They don't realize that there is hardly any symptom or condition that is neither caused, aggravated or accelerated with allergies.

About Dr. Wilson

Dr. Jay P. Wilson, D.PSc. is a Holistic Allergist and has been in practice since 1964. He has helped thousands of adults and children to rid them of their allergies, heal their pain, and improve their health. This is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions.

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