My wife recently visited Dr. Jay to help her quit smoking. She had been a smoker her entire adult life. She had tried to quit numerous times using the patch, chewing gum, e-cigarettes, drugs and even cold turkey. Nothing worked for more than a few days or weeks. Finally last month, she decided to visit Dr. Jay and see if he could treat her once and for all. I am a believer in holistic medicine, but was somewhat skeptical that Dr. Jay could cure my wife of a lifelong addiction through hypnosis. I was pleasantly surprised!

It has now been a month and a half and she can say she is a non smoker. I can't believe it. She feels so much better. Her taste has come back, she breathes more freely and overall feels more healthy.  

If you've tried to quit smoking and have been unsuccessful, I highly recommend you try Dr. Jay. My wife is living proof that his treatment works.

Steve Schneeberger